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February 23, 2009


It's fun and educational.

(Thanks to MichaelG)


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SCRABBLE Word of the Day = Batch of D_LDO Bewrayers

(Note the clever use of a Blank Tile.)

I'm betting the next word of the day is going to be "Whoops"!

Daddy, what's a dildo??

Ask your Mom.

Well, when you look for SCRABBLE in the store, where do you go? The toy department.

That's a big dildon't if you're playing with kids.

I wonder if the name of the Scrabble employee who posted is Richard?

I remeber coming accross that word in the dictionary as a very innocent young lad.

I remember thinking something along the lines or "What the heck would I want with a fake penis? I already have a real one."

It seemed about as pointless as that weird wax fruit some people have in a bowl in the kitchen.

If you place it on a triple-word score does that qualify as a multiple?

That reminds me of This

Funniest strip on the cartoon page.

I don't understand. You cannot use S-H-*-T, it is not a valid word in that game.

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