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February 27, 2009


Anybody who has watched a dog take 27 minutes to decide which of two identical patches of ground it should poop on will be interested in this.

(Thanks to marfie and DavCat)


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...but they instead choose locations that maximize visual impact and odor distribution.

Like the living room area rug.

This doesn't explain why my friend's chinese crested goes poo on her futon. Btw, none of us sit on this futon when we visit.

My favorite part: "maximize visual impact and odor distribution"

Reminds me of some neighbor guys yelling and fighting in the middle of the street (Well, mostly falling down and wrestling on the ground after making a show of fists). One of them then stripped his shirt off as if he'd fight better without it in 25 degree temperature.


"Poo in Prominent Places" WBAGNFARB

these 'scientists' should be awarded an Ig-noble prize.

My Border collies prefer to hide theirs out back in the ivy patch.

... and these "scientists" merely figgered this out lately? ...

*Wonders about the rate of growth/intelligence for humans in Spain ... *

Ain't that some sh!t.

pogo we have a border collie mutt mix and he loves Ivy too!!! If there is Ivy within a mile he will find it to poop in.

do you think the border collies are trying to keep the sheep from going someplace dangerous like the ivy?

Who knew that my living room carpet was a prominent place? The dog only stopped after I put his dog bed on the carpet.

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