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February 23, 2009


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern African Subplot Time.


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That IS a gun in my pocket, DAMNIT!!



Set up a perimeter, make sure all sockets are open, keep the lasagna warm as I will be working tonight while Agent Freckles makes sure Jack feels the slaps.

I could watch and read the blog comments at the same time to simulate live blogging with everyone. LOL

Drink for me!



Speaking of Agent Redhead, when did she change from that white blouse into the black tank top?

Anyone else catch the Simpsons last night? Jack and Chloe were gueststars. (warning on sound)Yes, it's a repeat, but funny.

Out of principle, I keep the toilet seat up between the hours of 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Monday nights.

Ram testicles for everyone.

btw, in case no one realized it (and i don't think there's been any reason to, in the past week) the lovely TechBert has changed the number of allowed posts on the page to 100 (the most he can browbeat typepad into allowing) and put numbers at the bottom of the page so you can go directly to whichever page of comments you want to go to. (see last week's 24 post if you want to know what i mean.) this should help a lot and we are ever grateful to the lovely TechBert.


Here's your answer.

Why, thank you, Judi. And thank TechBert for us, too...

Thank you TechBert!
Thank you judi!
Your efforts will be much appreciated tonight!

YAY for judi & TechBert!!

DRINKS are on Annie!

I will still stab TechBert in the thigh...because it is the right thing to do.

*prepared to accidentally harm civilians and not feel anything even when slapped repeatedly*

DRINKS are on Annie!
Literally, or figuratively?

Thank you TechBert and judi!

I think it's only fair to warn you that tonight's episode may be delayed if they can't get back from the DMV in time...

*pours vodka over Annie*

both now.

Is there some way that Larry Moss can be blamed for the previous setup of the comments?

I'm staying with my daughter tonight as the Ex is out of town, so I will have to spare her my beer soaked ramblings. I did find the Bacardi and frozen fruit so it will be daquiris and terrorists tonight.

Good on you, TechBert! Way to beat TypeP@d into submission!

PS Is there also a TechErnie?

I'd just like to point out that there's now been more thigh shooting on Dollhouse in its two episodes than this entire season of 24. Jack needs to catch up.

TechBert is my new favorite person!

Can someone please pour me a double shot of Nyquil with a side order of Jumbo Kleenex?

*does belly shot off of Annie*

Thanks, TechBert!

Monster Mimosa comin' up for Guin. The vitamin C helps you feel better. The alcohol makes you not care until you feel better.

Ready to go!

Thanks Judi and TechBert!

With Lent coming up this is the last week I can drink during 24, so I plan to enjoy. I can give up booze for Lent but not 24!

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