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February 16, 2009


Tonight, 9 PM EST.

(Thanks to Amanda Pepper)


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Who is this "Ja-coo Bowah"?

Bwahaha...I have ideas for tonight's intro now...

It's as if Dave wrote the English subtitles.

sponsored by Kikkoman?

"(t)okey-dokey" = "sometimes I pass out" (2:15)

♬ ♬ Learning Japanese, I think I'm learning Japanese, thanks to Jack Bauer! ♬ ♬

Jack Bowah is a crybaby? He is more of a Jedi knight.

I wonder how well the subtitles match the Japanese. I remember one french movie I saw back in the fifties. A guy distracted by a girl rides his bike in front of a truck that has to slam on its brakes. The truck driver leans out of his window and screams at the bicyclist while shaking his fist at him. The subtitle was "You really should be more careful, sir." Somehow I think something was lost in the translation.
The funniest set of subtitles I've seen was a DVD I've got of "Cannonball Run" dubbed in Chinese with English subtitles.

Maybe someday Jack will team up with the Seibu Keisatsu (who originated the tactic of shooting a suspect first, then torturing him).

I get pissed easily

So does Ms. Hong Kong International Airport Model World Traveler Citizen Person. But which kind of pissed are we talking about?

Just call me mother of the year. My eldest child just asked me to drive her to a study session with a friend.

No problem, I said. But you have to be done and home by 7:30. I have things to do.

Yes, I realize I'm not fooling anybody.

Cat, is it really all that important that the kid comes home?

Well I went to <http://24day.jp/>.

It said:

Access Deny

Suzy, you're twisted. Which is why you understand me so well.

Off to pick her up now -- must be back for liveblog!

(With apologies to Styx:)

Domo arigato, Mister-a Bauer!
You've come to sa-ave the day,
Domo arigato, Mister-a Bauer!
You've come just in the ni-ick of time...

You're wondering who I am,
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
Machine or mannequin,
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
I'm on TV even in Japan,
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
I am the Bauer man!

I've got a secret
I've been hiding
Under my sins.
My heart is hardened;
My blood is boiling
Beneath my pale skin.

So if your see me acting strangely
Don't be suprised.
For I'm just the man
Who'll do anything
To keep you alive
To keep you alive,
To keep you aliiive...
You won't have to hide
For I'll keep you alive.

I'm not a robot
Without emotion
I'm just what you see.
I've come to help you
Kill the terrorists
So you can live free.

I'm not a hero!
I'm not your saviour!
Forget what you know.
I'm just the man
You call for help
When you've lost all control.
You've lost all controolllll...
You've lost all control.
We need control,
We all need control.

I am the Bauer man!
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
I don't need a mask,
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
For everyone can see
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
My true identity...

Domo arigato, Mister-a Bauer!
Domo! Domo!
Domo arigato, Mister-a Bauer!
Domo! Domo!

Thank you very much, Mister-a Bauer
For helping us escape when we had to
Thank you very much, Mister-a Bauer
For killing terrorists
When we needed you, thank you!
I wanna thank you!
I wanna thank you!
Please, thank you!

Everywhere are enemies,
Attacking our society;
Spreading filthy lies
With their filthy spies.

The time has come at last!
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
To kick some terrorist ass!
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
It's time to make them bleed
(Secret secret, I've got a secret!)
I'm the one you need!
I'm Bauer! Bauer! Bauer!

That was great, Wes!

YAY, Wes!! awesome job! and I may add...Styx is one of my fav rock bands of all time!

UPDATE: I may have asked this before, but: Why does Jack say "negative" instead of just "no?"


Bill: Are you positive, Jack?
Jack: Negative. I can't be absolutely positive.
Bill: So you're not sure?
Jack: Positive.
Bill: You're positive?
Jack: Negative. I'm positive I'm sure. Copy that?
Bill: Negative. I don't have a freaking clue what you're talking about.

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