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February 22, 2009


They just interviewed Mickey Rourke on the red carpet about his Chihuahua.

UPDATE: The red-carpet fashion correspondent just said to Marisa Tomei, about her gown, "I have never seen such gorgeous pleating."


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Did they finally get the stain out?

What was the chihuahua wearing?

I think it's sad. He had the doggie for 18 years! Who cares what kind of dog it was? :(

If you want to watch truly outstanding television, switch to "Taking Chance" on HBO with Kevin Bacon.

Best dress so far: the blue one the Slumdog Millionaire actress is wearing. Runner up: Miley Cyrus.

As an ex-lawyer, I have seen many a gorgeous pleating

I guess Tilde Swinton couldn't get an actual dress.

And Goldie Hawn could not afford a dress with a front.

At least Goldie didn't giggle.

Angie has the most gorgeous emeralds I've ever seen. If she sold one earring it would probably pay off half the national debt.

But did she jiggle?

I think that guy wanted to wear some of those dresses. And probably will, when they are turned back in to whoever owns them.

She's too skinny to jiggle. Anne Hathaway has gotten positively anorexic.

I don't think even Angelina Jolie could afford those emeralds. Holy mother of gawd... yikes.

Love, love Tina Fey & Steve Martin..."Don't! Don't fall in love with me!" hahaha!

Tilde Swinton is an actual person? I thought that was Conan O'Brien portraying a woman.

Quote of the evening: Domo arrigato Mr. Roboto

Go Wall-E!

Guin - I don't get HBO. How was "Taking Chance?" I got all teared up over the trailer, and hope to see the movie if it's ever released to regular tv. (I'm one of those weird bikers that does the flag escorts for our fallen heroes.)

Thanks for watching so we don't have to, Dave.

And the Oscar for dullest award show ever goes to .....

I heard that Mickey had a tux made for Luki. Hope he has the receipt.

A receipt for the tux? Or for buying the farm?

When I go to the Oscars, I'm wearin' duct tape.

Wow, that was cold, Annie. Which is why it was funny.

Oh, this is a priceless line of snark: Mickey Rourke "looks like a card sharp who fell into a rapper’s jewelery box."

Mickey also looked like he started the Oscar party a little early, too...

When my dog died, I looked waaaay worse than Mickey Rourke. Really. Even worse than Tilde Semicolon.

Everytime they show a close up of Brad Pitt it looks like he's thinking, "God, I'm gorgeous." Not my favorite movie star. I hope they all remember it's not if you win. Just being nominated is an honor. Right.

Spoken like a true soccer mom, nursecindy.

Awwwwwww Jerry. What a guy. Bless his heart.


To buy a tux for your chihuahua is one thing.

To CARRY the tux on you after the dog dies...goes beyond meaning.

Then again, Mickey's sunglasses beat out all the ruffles...

Did Forklift Driver Klaus win?

Did Loki's tux have pleats?

Why didn't he just get a penguin?

I think Loki looked a little stiff.

At least Heath Ledger won.

And it's too bad Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino was shut out of the Oscars. I thought that was a better movie than pretty much all of the ones that were nominated. And Clint's acting swan song deserved an Oscar every bit as much as Ledger's...

Pssst, Siouxie - that was Marisa Tomei.

Wes - I agree - loved Gran Torino!
What is going on with the background on the show? There's bacteria or something floating in a petrie dish.

That Heath Ledge win was just shocking. Who could have ever guessed?

Or LedgeR.

Did the Chihuahua win posthumously for "Slumdog Millionaire?"

Does anyone know exactly what is wrong with Mickey Rourke?

RE: Gran Torino - I believe it just missed the time cutoff for this year's Oscars

Did anybody remember to bring Heath Ledger's tux?

Since I don't have tv, none of this garbage gets into my house.
Now let's discuss snow,a substance I have a lot of at the moment.The really serious snow moving machinery just went by plowing the road.In three seconds that beast can put more snow in the end of my drive than I can move in an hour.And it did.

O.K.,I have been out shoveling and I now understand the need for the serious snow moving machinery.We are having a full blown Nor'easter.That's a winter hurricane with snow.Would someone call Al Gore and have him turn the global warming thermostat up a notch?

I would like to go back to the beginning of winter and revisit the decision I made not to buy a snow blower.

azred - Taking Chance is outstanding. I expect it will go to DVD eventually. It's only an hour and 15 minutes, but it is truly excellent. It's almost like watching a documentary. Thank you for being an escort.

Yeah, azred ... whut Guin said ...

Excellent portrayal, and tnx for ridin' along with the ones comin' home ...


I feel your pain. We have a 400ft driveway and live in a snowbelt.

ron - in upstate NY, we had a snowplow on the front of our pickup truck all winter long. Plus a bulldozer and a front end loader(Ford 335). IANMTU. Since all our normal vehicles were 4WD, we wouldn't scrape all the snow off the drive. Instead, we'd pack it down and build a very awesome toboggan run out of the driveway. We also had a all-terrain vehicle with 6 moon tires built to go thru deep snow and even water.

I miss playin' redneck. :)

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.. might wanna lay off the betel nut for a spell, bhatt.

Was that potato Cheops ?

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