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February 26, 2009


She might be single.


(Thanks to Matt Filar and Kay Myers)


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There must be a catch somewhere. Love hurts.

She'd better stay away from magnetized crocodiles.

I refuse to contemplate the 1500 internal piercings.

such symmetry

Mebbe she could get married if the pre-nup included mineral rights?



1500 internal piercing? She might as well give up on flying. I would hate to be the TSA agent when she does fly.

Melt down all the jewelry, it might add up to a decent dowry. Probably not enough, though.


You know what that means, right?


Catch-up on Edmund Burke. You know, Edmund BURKE!

It's Elaine, the Amazing Human Tackle Box!

This is a guy's dream girl. Instead of jewelry stores, he can go to Ace Hardware for all his gift needs.

Goo-ood grief. Eye bleach...

Things did not work out between us. The channel would change when she walked into a room, she'd sneeze and the garage door would open, and the magnets in my Ipod ear buds would pop out and stick to hear nose.

What do you get the girl who has every tin thing?
Earplugs. She must make quite a clatter when she moves. And I'm not even thinking about those internal piercings. Nope. Not gonna do it.

I heard about this yesterday and as much as I hate to say it....she's also a nurse. How would you like to wake up in a hospital room about 3 am and see this staring down at you with a needle in her hand? I'm thinking that even if I had every bone in my body in many different pieces I would find a way to run, crawl, or roll out of the building. And fyi, most of her piercings (500) are on the inside and outside of her private area. I'm betting she stays on antibiotics.

um, ewwww. fooey. feh. shudder.

Bend that over backwards and give it a smooch, Richard Gere.

Ladies, ladies. When men say they like piercing, they mean men piercing women (with some variations) temporarily using firm but non-metallic objects. Not what appears to be the result of an accident in an ironmonger's shop involving a powerful electromagnet.

Those eyes, so piercing.... so a "lure" ing.....

This one will NEVER get under the radar.

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