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February 27, 2009


Kansas City, Mo. - Police and medical examiners who thought a man died of natural causes changed their minds after funeral-home workers found bullet holes in his head.

(Thanks to wiredog)


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Heart attack, shot in the head, it's a coin toss. Anyone could make that mistake.

Methinks it's time for Kansas City to take a closer look at the medical examiner's office.

I wonder what clued them in? Could it have been a few minor embalming fluid leaks, maybe?

In some cities, bullets ARE considered natural causes...

CSopenyourI Kansas City.

O.k.,So now what?

Are these the same guys that kept ticketing the parked car with the dead body inside? Evidently they don't have vision insurance because I'm thinking some people might need glasses.

Is our medical examiners learning? It was the second time in 17 months... I guess not.

Ron Shock, one of the Texas Outlaw Comics, did a riff on a natural causes declaration by the local police when a man had been shot five times in the chest with a bolt action .22 rifle:

("To shoot myself FIVE times with a bolt-action rifle requires a degree of determination I just don't have..."

NMUA ... that's similar to the events surrounding Billy Sol Estes, when a Texas sheriff ruled a similar event (shot several times in the abdomen/chest, with a bolt-action rifle) as a "suicide" ...

Yeah, C'wiz ... so much for CSI in KCMO ...

Gunshot wounds might well qualify as "natural causes" in Kansas City, depending on what neighborhood the victim was found in. The local paper here in KC ran a multi-part series on what they called, among other things, the "Zip Code of Death," because so many murders occured in the 64133 zip code area of KC.

The scary thing from the article is that this isn't the first time this has happened to CSI-KC:

It was the second time in 17 months that a Kansas City funeral home returned a homicide victim's body mistakenly ruled a natural death by the medical examiner's office.

The other case was in September 2007 and involved Lorraine Grayson, 77, who had been beaten and sexually assaulted in her home. Police later found out that Grayson's purse was missing and her 46-year-old neighbor was charged with her death.

Oy. I live in Independence. I'm thinking I might want to move farther out...and avoid KC proper whenever possible...

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