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February 28, 2009


It's looking chilly.


(Thanks to Shari)


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Looks like he's wearing his man-girdle too.

I wouldn't be caught dead in that (or alive, for that matter).

Throw a kilt around him and I'm good. Thanks for asking.

That'll be one way to get my wife running from the room screaming and clawing at her eyes.....

I LOVE this one.

Do I have to shave my legs for this?

the photo captions say 'a model wears a creation...'

(meaning 'even we have a hard time calling these 'clothes'...)

Come on, judi really posted this, didn't she?

I imagine him walkin' into the Mint Bar lookin' like that. I guarantee, he wouldn't walk out.

*smoooooooooch* @ Jazzzzzzzie! how ya been??? (and yes you do, unless you want me to wax 'em??)

*waves @ fud* LTNS!


Would he be limping out??

If he were extremely lucky, he'd get to limp out. Most likely, he'd wind up in a ditch somewhere as coyote food. Tolerance is not a common virtue in some places.

Love the socks.

Dave is pandering to the blog babes.

Not only would you have to shave your legs but a bikini wax might be a good idea also. Unless you're the one getting the wax.

*waves @ Siouxie*
Yes, it has been a long time.

This is formal wear for Porn films.

What you wear in London stays in London.

ty cheese, for the wonderful image of dave wearing that thing

o and im new so forgive any miss spellings, im young and i chat quite a bit online

hello halo!

Wow, what a turn on.

hey Siouxie babeee....doing okay. Mom's in and out of hosp. Doing okay today and hope to be home soon. Keep her in your prayers.....

Umm, sorry to have to mention it, but, umm, your fly is, umm ...

You forgot to put your pants on, dude!

Do I have to shave my legs for this?

Posted by: Jazzzz | February 28, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Smooth Away!!!

I dress like this all the time.

/I never go out of the house, though.

If he were extremely lucky, he'd get to limp out. Most likely, he'd wind up in a ditch somewhere as coyote food. Tolerance is not a common virtue in some places.

Wow. It's OK to be real a-holes where you live??

I'd move.

/Plus, Dick Cheney is from Wyoming!

If you saw how much some of those designer sweaters cost, you would understand the lack of pants.

Sioux - RE: the picture- Al Sharpton is on the way :-)

Anti Nazi.
By the Cheney comment, I see you are a real tolerant person. Apparently it's okay to be a "real a-hole" where you live also

I'd like to apologize to the blog for responding in a hasty way to an inappropriate (in my view) comment. Attacking one of our most beloved bloggers just didn't go over well with me. I should not have wasted my time

The fact that this was posted by Dave and not judi confuses me greatly.

Thanks anyway, Jazz, I know your heart, and your insight into genuine tolerance is recognized and appreciated.

Anti, you'd hate it here. And Mr. Cheney (who's a d@mned good shot), is a personal friend of the family, btw.

Think that has those annoying snaps/eye-n-hook things behind the umm...you know. The black socks are a nice touch.

On the other hand, I, and probably my husband, wish my legs were that smooth.

Und now... ve dance.

Hmmm, I just noticed that the turtleneck is tucked in. Yes, of the United States into the Depends briefs. That will get you locked out of the cupola Executive Washroom, no matter where you go, Dieter. Jah.

Nice thighs!

The more I look at this... it really is the socks that make the man in this case.

Black is so slimming.

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