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February 20, 2009


Missouri man, angered over DTV switch, shoots his TV set

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I want to do this every time my wife puts on American Idol.

And it still isn't working, I'll bet.

I think his wife might think about moving out soon.

he's totally justified.

He then yelled at kids to get off his lawn, and then drove to complain to the FCC in his Buick at 30 MPH with his left blinker on.

This is exactly why the British require licenses for both television sets and guns.

Didn't they make a movie outta this recently starring Clint Eastwood?

Maybe he should have read the instructions. I guess shooting the TV was easier.

This is exactly why Elvis used to shoot his TVs. These digital conversions must stop.

I have the same urge every time I see Janeane Garofalo on "24..."

Since a lot of TV stations in the more rural parts of the country aren't yet broadcasting in digital, it's hard to get a signal with the DTV converter hooked up. That's certainly true of downstate Missouri; my parents, who live in the Ozarks, tried hooking up the converter box to the TV set in the back bedroom and found that they could only receive two of the ten channels they were previously getting with the outside antenna. Only one of the four Springfield stations they were getting, for example, came through on the DTV box.

So ... wuz his new remote a .44 or a .357?

Shoddy reporting ...

Shocked and dismayed that alcohol may have been involved

Joplin, eh? Probably a hoosier...

I know I'm supposed to use up my analog bullets before I have to switch to digital firearms, but I'm having trouble finding enough analog aliens for targets. I do have several old TV's, however, and this is not a bad idea.

Why not be creative?

Great sense of humor. Go Dave Thanks for your funny inspiring jokes

That man is hilarious! The only time I think shooting your TV is okay is if you're filthy stinking rich and you can afford shooting your TV each day. This just goes to show, despite the number of advertisements and advisories, still not all people know about what's going on with their TVs

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