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February 25, 2009


You do what you have to do.

(Thanks to Mr. Gene Weingarten)


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I thought they had dogs for that, no?

He should join the K-9 corps.

Deputy Lines is on the coke beat? Makes sense.

At first I wondered which crack he smelled butt then I read the article.

OK, was that headline intentional or do they just need more editors?

Yes Danny, he's
Lines, Deputy.

The officer smelled crack? Was he a K-9?

taking a crack break in wawa???

Cop's name was "John Lines" and he arrested someone for doing coke in a bathroom?

Is his partner's name "Buzzy Bidet?"


Merely sayin' ... P-U stands for sumthin' besides Police Unit ...

and Wawa is an Indian word for goose.

Swear to God.


Deputy Dawg.

The headline is as good as it gets.

"He did us proud", said his sister Pantie.

Every visitor to my house gets a crack check by my dogs upon entering the premises.

The officer noticed that in the bathroom he had something to go on.

John Lines is more often a problem for the ladies.

Whazzup with the map?

Hey, that's why Glade is made.

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