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February 20, 2009


It's an inexact science.


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So, we shouldn't be so quick to believe that Chris Matthews wants to have sex with Obama, then?

LOL! Too funny! I actually heard the bright blue scrotum comment when it aired, so I know exactly what they are talking about.

Fox News is capable of segues? That shoulda been their first clue the vid was doctored.

It's only February, and already we have a candidate for Correction of the Year.

Bright Blue Scrotum wbagnfarb ...

but ... didn't they open for Screaming Howler Monkey Spankers ... ?

I could see how they got confused. There are so many Bright Blue Scrotums on Fox Snooze.

Um, someone check Dave's meds. He actually used the word 'journalism' in posting something about the Huffington Post.

Do you want to touch my monkey? or just his bright blue scrotum.

Oh, Arianna Huffington's not so bad, since she's no longer in bed with Al Franken...

And those who recognize the above reference to Bill Maher's old ABC show may want to know his new season on HBO starts tonight at 10, repeated at 11, since TV Guide didn't bother to mention it...

Whoa, whoa! You're telling me that not everything on the interwebs is true?!
Man, I thought the interwebs was all real truth, like pro wrestling, but it turns out it's fixed, like boxing.

Annie: I'm not sure I'd use the adjective "bright" in any context to describe the folks at Fox News, even their scrota.

I can't see any problem even if he did.

Why is everyone dumping on FoxNews when it was the doltish celebutard bulletin-board The HuffPo that fumbled this story? Nice how they closed the retraction with the always mature, It's their fault!

At least he said that Eric Holder was bright. Calling the AG a dumbass would have been sorta racist.

I'm trying to remember the last time Fox ran a correction to one of their stories. Oh that's right - they never make mistakes. Just like my angry, ALL CAPS, repooplican dad.

BTW - as far as 'doltish celebutard bulletin-boards' go, Fox's top 3 posts are Madonna & a rabbi, Rihanna's busted face, and Pamela Anderson in a gold thong. So don't sling it, unless you can bring it.

*snaps fingers*

wooooooooot! I already brong it!

Do we do the dance-off now??

Look again, Annie, HuffPo was running the same grouping. Nothing can be as bad as MSNBC, where they were attributing quotes to Sarah Palin that were spoken by Tina Fey. But when they have a tingle running their collective legs anytime the see Obama you can expect accuracy to become muddled.

"Oh, It is Brung!"

(Uh, what Siouxie said too.)

It should have been obvious this comment didn't come from Fox -- someone had to do some actual research to find out the proper scrotum color of a DeBrazza's Monkey. Besides which, Eric Holder doesn't have a beard.

Look again your-own-self, M'shark - I never said HuffPo wasn't running fluff stories. They just don't take themselves as seriously as Fox.

please translate - But when they have a tingle running their collective legs anytime the see Obama you can expect accuracy to become muddled.

Woooot, Siouxie! You brung it, and you done wore it out, chiquita!

Attributed to Chris Matthews, who said such during the campaign. All the progressive acolytes at that channel sound as enthralled.

A cartoon about Obama taking a question from HuffPo

Well beyond apt, Merri Lee.

"HuffPo doesn't take themselves seriously?" Are you kidding? Those bozos make Bill O'Reilly look modest and self-effacing.

And after this, nobody should take the HuffPo seriously.

What's the HuffPo??

*hair flip*

Did anyone read the comments at the HuffPo? Wow, there's some poo-flinging monkeys for ya...

Has Journalism become too competitive to warrant inaccurate and nonfactual reporting? Why doctor an event or story just for ratings?

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