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February 24, 2009


...only different.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I think I will use that "cool" word again.


More on his British counterpart, including a neat video: here

I'm always awestruck by sidewalk art like that.

Incredible. I never thought the end of all things would look so cool

Yeah? Let's see him do a ceiling, with a Pope breathing down his neck!

Our streets are actually like that.


Not bad, but the picture has some noticeable lens distortion. That or buildings are made wavy in Germany.

The first one looks like the San Andreas fault. The 2nd one looks like Balboa Blvd during the Northridge quake. Ah, memories.

And yay, Siouxie got posted.

Here's a site with many of Julian Beever's pavement drawings.

That is WAY COOL! I want him to come and do the floors in my house.

Those pictures are amazing.

Wasn't the Pope breathing up your neck?

That is pretty neat. Can't fault him on a thing.

I think the Pope was breathing up his tunic.

Wiredog, more like looking up Michelangelo's tunic.

Pope: "You missed a spot. Yeah, just a little more to your left."

Annie, your comment wasn't there until AFTER I posted. GMTA. ;)

I figured that. You got bot-blocked.

Can he paint this in my bathroom?

Hang on, wiredog, I'll go ask Hitler.

Quit bitching you lazy bum, you were lying on your back the whole TIME!! Sheesh.

This guy works the street 12 hours a day and everyone praises him. Siouxie works it 12 hours and what does she get? Pocket change.

It just ain't fair.

Annie, surely you're not suggesting Siouxie should have her own show on Showtime??

(Sundays at 10:30 PM, several repeats during the week)

Any pictures from the other angle?

Soon to be a ride at Six Flags... The Crevasse

He may be a lazy bum, but he's MY lazy bum, you hussy!

So was Ms. Da Vinci

Ba Dum Dum

How so, Dave?

Speaking of ceilings (and also floors) (butt no Popes looking anywhere)

Some questions just can't seem to get answers . . . .

♪Somewhere in the black minin' hills o' Dakota lived a young boy, name o' Rocky Roccoco. ♫

I assume you mean trompe-l'oeil...?

Dread Pirate Chris,---That bathroom floor is the best of the best.

Step on a crack,
Break your mother's back,
You gotta whip it,
Whip it good.

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