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February 20, 2009


(Via Gizmodo)


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sure beats tying it to the car antennae and driving 80 down the freeway.

If Punkin were to try your method, cg, I don't think the car could make it to 80.

That being said, I also think that Punkin would need a super-sized one of these contraptions to fit her 'needs.'

um..do they have a jock strap version?
tired of using for a main sail

Don't bother investin' in this "research" ... the technology already exists ...

One merely needs to obtain the "bra adapter" (or the jock adapter) for the Peet® shoe/boot/glove dryer already on the market ...

Werks fine, and does not shrink the boots or gloves ... (don't wear a bra so I haven't tested that product line ... merely ... not curious enuf ... )

I use mine for a bun warmer.

It says to Use "←" and "&rarr" arrows to navigate.
My cheap computer is missing the &rarr arrow!

Who has to dry their bra? Just put it on. If you're woman enough, your body heat toasts it dry right quick.

Here they get hung on the door knobs to air dry.

Development of this innovative device is sill in progress.

Yep. Just put it on the windowsill.

Or on a fan.

Here's an idea: Include an amazing fold-up fishing rod and a clever inside-the-shell egg scrambler and sell it on late night TV when I'm asleep.

I'm just curious what Gizmodo was looking for when this 'invention' was found?

Call me old-school, but I prefer to do this by hand.

What bra?

Isn't this rather counterproductive?

*snicker* .. most especially during spring break, huh?

(which is what my 15yo son said after reading blue's comment over my shoulder, and "getting it" a good 5 seconds before i did;)

Mr. Telecom thought it was hysterically funny to festoon our ceiling fan with a load of my bras and then turn it on.

One ceiling fan and many bras later, it wasn't so funny after all.

Uh, I shoulda said "our bedroom ceiling fan" - lest you think we would stoop to child abuse.

dt2u!!! (ltns!)

(but, i fail to see how that could be construed as child abuse .. unless you tied them to the ends)

Hey, just sayin !
Been blurking and wasting valuable time working !
If you have teenaged boys, the thought of "mom bras" exposed to daylight would be tantamount to child abuse in their eyes ! Just wanted to make sure y'all knew we wouldn't scar the boys that way !
Come to think of it, the princess would probably be grossed out as well ...

It's funny NOW, but burning the motor on a perfectly good ceiling fan with tangled bras was more work than anyone thought possible !

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