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February 24, 2009


Are aliens controlling local rapper's brain?

(Thanks to Dawn Price)


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Well, we already know Mars controls eminem m&m's, so why not?

snork, SW

Good to know SOMEBODY's in control.

i just got a mental picture of beldar and primat conehead mc'ing with r2d2 doing the hype.

Welcome to da hood
Welcome to da ghetto
Don' gimme no jive
Klattu barata nikto
"We come in peace"
There ain' no such thing
C'mon, you green muthas
Just gimme yo' bling


Blog bar special on Hurricanes & Tequila shots!

I wish someone would control my brain. This thing is out of control.

Maybe that's why some people play music so loud in their cars that it makes my car windows vibrate. So the aliens can find them. Now if they would just beam them up....

See what happens when you forget your tinfoil hat just one time?

What is the expletive?
"I did music about (expletive) and guns," he says.

Is the Expletive being used "In a galaxy far, far away, maybe there's an alien rapper who's shifting the topics of his lyrics from little green women and laser rays to encounters with human beings."

No, we prefer controlling a different genre of music.

We're not into smacking our bitches up.

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