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February 23, 2009


Urine-soaked Fort Pierce man has beer on top of truck, gets DUI

(Thanks to Patrick Lenon)


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What is a mother expletive?

He reportedly interrupted a deputy as the deputy asked whether he’d perform field sobriety exercises, saying,"Sure! Hold my beer, willya?"

Ah, Natural Ice - our proudest label in the expansive line of finely crafted A.B. products. the crinminals love the stuff.

*smacks extraneous 'n' from Martini's post*

Is he single? Siouxie wants to know.

*SMACKS Annie*

uh..no. I. don't.

*maintains low profile*

*drops by to smooch with Siouxie and AWBH and Pogo and all other bloglettes*..... (NTTATWWT)

Woo-hoo! Posted under my secret identity!

Er, that is... ummm... ignore this post.

p.s. Pannus, a mother expletive is someone who loves a father expletive very much, and the two of them make many many baby expletives together.

sorry pogo..... I am losing my mind. No smooch for you...

from the story's comments:

"Posted by jhill on February 20, 2009 at 11:36 a.m.
Cops said "Urine trouble". Driver was pissed."

Can I do a snork, once removed?

And a snork for padraig for his definitions.

Ouch. He's drunk, disorderly and fugly.
That's gonna be a mother expletive of a hangover.

And the judge said,"son,
I don't know whether to hang ypu or not,
but this p/expletive on Deputy Sheriffs
has just naturally got to stop.

But, Sharkie, he's not a criminal, he's just misunderstood. The police couldn't understand him.

Urine-soaked? The man has no self-respect...

When I was in my 20s (and drunkeness was a spectator sport), I'd was sometimes get so plastered I couldn't stand up, but was never once "urine-soaked" (or "vomit-flecked" for that matter).


ron - no jokin' on the blog until all that snow is shovelled.

Anyone need an extra "was"?


Ron - two words: move. to. sunny. southern. arizona!

That guy owes me money.

In my former life (retired), I occasionally worked with the police and rode in the back of the car. I am now going to go through my wardrobe and rewash every item of clothing I might have been wearing on any of those times.

Was that wrong? Should he not have done that?

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