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February 25, 2009


Larue said he started a small fire in the car in order to keep warm...

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Sassafrass Way?


We need a Darwin Award category for survivors who have no right to still be alive.

NO Alcohol could have been involved with this!
Hope he doesn't lose his Florida Drivers license

He must have started a fire with his stash.

Talking on the cellphone while driving definitely kills brain cells.

Gotta think that's gonna cut into his security deposit.

Although my b-i-l and three co-workers once returned a car that had been caught in a flash flood and wound up with mud up to the seat bottoms, saying only "the upholstery may need a little cleaning."

It may have helped that they were all in military uniforms.

i once returned a rental tux with ripped pants and bloodstains on the shirt and did not get charged. i don't know why.

(i was slam-dancing, not fighting. of course alcohol was involved.)

if drugs and/or alcohol were involved it was for a very, very long time.

I think the other al- was involved. Alzheimers.

Patrick Larue --> Rake up lit car

He had a cell phone and didn't think about calling someone to come and get him? This reminds me of an episode of Monk where he and Natalie are trapped in a cave when her cell phone rings and Monk answers by saying, "Can't talk now. Trapped in a cave."

That's why whenever I rent a car, I always check to see if it has a fireplace.

I have to ask whether the rental company asked him "Smoking or non-smoking?" before handing this doofus the keys...

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