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February 26, 2009


Where parking laws matter.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie and Kay Myers)


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Speaking as a Gator, yes...yes they do.

Eagle-eyed. Attentive. Focused. Our parking enforcement agents are always on the lookout.

A trained poice officer would have been on to this like stink after 5 tickets.

Summons gonna get in trouble.

Good God I hope I never have a heart attact in my car in Gainsville! I couldn't afford all the tickets!

"Where's Waldo" found!

Sorta give credence to the concept of gummint officials (even if they're not real "cops") havin' a Quota system ...

" ... Hmmmmmmm ... gotta write more tickets ... HEY! I can come back to this one for another citation tomorrow ... he's not gonna be movin' it any time soon!"

A body locked in a parked car for two weeks. God. Could you imagine if it had happened in July?

Ok..so there's a law against having a corpse inside your car?

Who nu?

What if it's in the trunk?

Annie wants to know.

Did they also give it a ticket for excessive smell?

Siouxie - in Cali, they have to have a warrant to search the trunk. Or reasonable cause. FYI - a bloody wood chipper in your back seat is NOT reasonable cause.

...and again, people, Tide with Bleach for that new car smell. :)

Since when is it illegal to park when you're dead? Fascists.

He was also posthumously charged with trespassing and horizontal parking.

Siouxie: In New Hampshire, it's illegal to have a corpse in your trunk; it has to be in plain sight. See the law here.

This BMW went from zero to stink in 2.2 weeks.

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