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February 26, 2009


A designer has unveiled a full face headdress made of real mice and rat carcasses on the fringes of London Fashion Week.


(Thanks to Danny and Ralph)


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Did PETA throw blood on it?

John Jacob Astor could make a fortune if this catches on.

Build a better mousetrap!

Charlie Le Mindu needs to refocus.

Too bad the huge smile on her face is covered up

*multiple eyerolls and head shakes*

Nice eyebrows.

Here's the rest of the outfit.





Well, that obviouly isn't going to work. Click here


and scroll down to fashion "don't" Number 1 (about halfway down the page).

*pours coffee*

*hopes the whole day doesn't go this way*

^ s

I hope the model is getting extra rodent pay.

Mice on my face? No thanks.

But I am digging on those high riding jeans on the fashion don't list. All she needs now are a pair of white loafers and a double wide belt and she'll truly be styling.

Settle down, Cat. It'll be OK....

mice on my head wbagnfarb

She looks lovely.

Those aren't "carcasses" ... those are merely "hides" ...

Which, when one thinks about it, is whut many of the female-gender-type persuasion do, when confronted by mice & rats ...

(Also ... JJ Astor DID make a fortune on this idea ... examine the old records @ Ft. Union, and one will learn that even mice pelts were part of the fur trade business ... merely FYI ... and IANMTU!)

Quite possibly one of the most gross things I have ever seen. I prefer hats that don't induce gagging.

Vraie histoire : J'ai suivi un cours de français d'un prof M. Lerat.

True story : I had a French course from Monsieur Lerat.

« rat » means the same thing in French as in English.

between this post and the pierced woman, I think I'll skip lunch. Perhaps this could become a successful weight-loss site!

So we can all be plagued with high fashion for real now.

They couldn't use SQUIRRELS???

The people in Palm Beach Court can turn around that deficit now.

If her cell phone vibrates, she's gonna hit the ceiling. *shudder*

Now mothers have something to wear to Chuck E. Cheeze.

What they didn't show is when the wispy model walked backstage and got trapped on a glue board.

Tails you lose.

This is just wrong.

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