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February 24, 2009


A way to make new friends.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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robbery by sudden snatching, a felony
... and laconic snatching is what, then?

If I didn't have all these damn flu-like symptoms I feel I could do something with "robbery by sudden snatching."

"sudden snatching?"

man, y'all are fast.

Did he then use Twitter to tell his friends he was on his way to the police station?

IDK, MOTW, but IWBAGNF . . .

gfunk ... one might say ... "sudden"?

It's even harder to check your Facebook in prison, dude.

Margaritaville - that, and you need to watch out for sudden snatching in prison. So I hear.

I've learned today
that rob-ber-ry
by sudden snatching
is a fell-o knee.

Bubba2376543 just added you as a Friend. Confirmation is not optional.

*Bubba2376543 has tagged Meanie in a photo*

He'll have lots to put in his '25 interesting things about me' for sure!

*Starbucks Boy changed his relationship status to "Prison Bitch." *

It's fortunate that some people saw his snatch. ( I think )

i guess snatching while thinking about it is not a crime....

"Cellbrat 2038" has sent you some "slippery shower soap." Do you want to send some back?


Lucky for him Facebook had to remove the "shank a friend" application. And that actually isn't a joke!

*high-fives Annie*

*politely declines the soap*

robbery by sudden snatching

Is that anything like grabbing a "nooner"?

HE had a snatch? And that is a fellatio. Confused folks?

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