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February 24, 2009


Rampant Possum

(Thanks to Ralph)


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that is not a possum. or if it is a possum, i'd like to know who knit that lovely fluffy tail covering for it.

CG...That was my first thought too; but apparently things are a little different Down Under

Agreed, it is not what we Americans know as an Opossum. That site was Australian, so I guess it was a common name for a different animal. It looked like it was having fun.

Sorry to mention it again, but it really irks me to hafta chase thru several links or pages, to even find out the hemisphere, let alone the continent, where this "apparently world-famous and everyone knows it" event might be ...

It seems that, in my 'net wanderings, I've found perhaps one newspaper or tv station or other "news event reporter" in a thousand that has the courtesy (or brains) to indicate somewhere ... ANYWHERE ... the actual location/origin of the item linked ...

Sorry this is not funny ... I'm a bit cranky, still recovering from wisdom tooth removal surgery ...

In Bismarck, ND ... if it matters ...

Well, mates, if you're not flat out like a lizard drinkin', pull up some amber liquid and check this out for some 'Stralian vernacular education. It wouldn't have helped out with the possum lingo, but it's right helpful in general.

'Specially the Mappa Tassie.

That's interestin' stuff, Meanie ... but despite their disclaimer to have omitted American or British slang terms, I noticed several inclusions there that also werk over here ...

Hey, I said I wuz cranky ... din't say I wuz funny ...

brush tailed possum, hmmm. how do those aussie folk have all that extra time to replace their possum tails with brushes?

The Brushtail Possum is actually more closely related to kangaroos than the Virginia Opossum. It is a horrible pest in New Zealand -- Google "NZ possum" for info. The Kiwis have tried to create new markets for it.

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