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February 21, 2009


(Thanks to Siouxie and Joe Hicks)


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Too much to say . . .mental log jam before coffee.

So...the path to enlightenment begins with beer??

I said I wanted a Buddha Light.


That explains the Buddha's smile.

I'll bet Barney approves too.

This is gonna redefine the concept of sixpack abs.

*dons robe*

*approaches pulpit*



This concludes today's sermon.

Homer would be proud.

Buddhism: eternally viewing life through beer goggles?
I thought that was, college.

The best ideas come when you are drinking beer.

A million bottles of beer in the wall,
A million bottles of beer...

Was it this beer?

So...the path to enlightenment begins with beer??

Of course! I thought everyone knew that, Siouxie.


Enlightenment can be found in a great stupor stupah.

"Altogether there are about 1.5 million recycled bottles in the temple, and the monks at the temple are intending to reuse even more."

I will be glad, in fact, I feel the need, to contribute all that I can.

Does this mean that my beer money could be tax deductible as a charitable donation if I send them the empties?

Time to belly up to the bar, ummm, on second thought, make that the altar.

People who live in glass temples shouldn't get stoned.

Zen light. When the spirit moves you.

The sound of one man belching.

Driving while Inlightened.

Someone make me stop.

The monks building the temple
had had a few.
For everyone working,
There were three in the loo.

They sure know how to Thai one on.

Next up - tinfoil hats made from beer cans.

Do they drink enLightened beer?

I think they prefer Angkar Steam.

The temple was later redeemed for $50,000.

Hi. My name ish SsshhidharHIC .... Sishharra GhHIC ... lissshhen, call me Buddha, OK?

If you look carefully at the background, you can just see the pretzel log cabin.

The beer bottle temple is now on an approved list of eco-friendly sight-seeing tours in southeast Asia.

I dunno. Theravada thousand other places I'd rather go.

zen koan: if you meet the Buddha on the road, give him your empties!

I didn't want to go for the obvious Thailand-related pun, so I decided Phuket. Shows you what a mess Siam.

When you gonna give empties to me, give them to me.
In just a matter of time it's a Pagoda
Is it just recycling, recycling?
Just a case at a time, Pagoda?
Never gonna stop, give it up.
Such a thrifty mind. Always get it up with the time
of the celibate kind. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Pagoda!!


CJ, you've got a real Knack for those lyrics!

good earwig, btw

Hate to disagree with you, Cat, but that's an earwig I could do without, actually. But *SNORK* at cj for making a terrible song entertaining.

Naw, I reserve "terrible" for my current evaluation of Van Halen III. I have it cranked while cg is on a Girl's Night Out and I'm messing around in the kitchen (ShyJan and many others here tomorrow). VH III rocks, but the vocals are getting on my nerves. Ahh, let's try Diver Down.

Where'd the cats go? Here, kitty kitty; it's just like the music your "Mom" listens to...in her car, before she gets home!

They're lucky Southeast Asia isn't prone to hailstorms.

Yep; Diver Down was the right choice. I jammed through peeling and chopping taters, then re-entered the living room to observe cg's wiener dog sitting in my seat, in front of the laptop.

I was still jamming (Best Part of a Man!) and, I swear, every time I bent my knees, the weiner dog did, as well. It was like he was doing push-ups to Eddie! Good boy, weiner dog!

Well, I'll always have a special place in my heart for "My Sharona". I heard it for the first time at college during my freshman orientation week. The fraternity across the street was blasting it on huge speakers out the windows over and over. I decided college life was going to be pretty cool.

Of course, there was beer.

For Cat. I gave this album to my cousin. Her two-year-old loved it. My cousin nearly killed me. ;)

They encouraged the local authorities to send them more

So the Thai authorities are a good source of beer bottles?

Jesus Christ, I could be living in a freakin stained-glass mansion right now. Why did I never see it? Oh. Yeah. That's why.

Lol, cj!

Tuborg over the mountain
Tuborg over the sea
Tuborg over the mountain
Bring nirvana to me

My weather thing tells me I have the eleventy third snow storm of this g.d. winter on the way.It's getting to be a problem finding a place to put it.Punkin must be up to her water wings in it by now.

Allow me to wander off the topic for a moment.

CatR, tou commented a while back about my granddaughter being nipped by a lion cub at the game park where the warden had a lion by the nuts. They have an enclosure where people may interact with lion cubs in parties of a maximum of 8 people at a time. One little cub took a fancy to my granddaughter's pink dress and playfully gave it a tug, nipping her very slightly in the process.

PhotobucketHere's the culprit having his tummy scritched by me just before the vicious attack.

I prommise you, I don't know how I'm posting pictures directly onto the blog.

Man, when you wander off a topic, you really wander, Mot.

Love the CSI NY cap Mot.

NotSherly, bought it in a T-Shirt store in Times Square.

Meanie, for some more off topic wandering. Morgan Freeman was seen at a Rugby game in Cape Town on Friday, the game was between the The Stormers from Cape Town and the Reds from Queensland in Australia in the 2nd round of the Super 14 competition. Morgan was having the finer points of rugby explained to him by South Africa's 1995 World Cup winning captain Franscois Pienaar. Apparently Morgan couldn't believe that the players didn't wear helmets or padding.

This is the lamasery that is attached to the temple.

U.S. Buddhists are building a beer-bottle temple also,...the monk in charge is called the 'Om-Bud's-man'...

No. I'm just wondering how I got MY belly.

(good one, insOM)

Can we send donations ourselves? Recycling isn't until next week and, to be frank, there are a large numbers of beer bottles in my apartment.

I remember nothing about them.

Ever wonder how Stella got her groove back?

And what about Naomi?

Bubba Buddha Beer
Something for Everyone

I'm quite late checking into the blog this Sunday...

Annie, thanks (?) for the chipmunk "My Sharona". I'm rethinking my earlier post. Beer definitely made that song more enjoyable. The chipmunk version, however, requires something much stronger.

BTW, my 13-yo just asked me what I'm listening to on my laptop. I told her "My Sharona" by the Chipmunks. She told me to get a life. She also said she likes the song.

Mot, that photo is great. I've never touched a lion, and never will. But I'm envious nonetheless. And your granddaughter is adorable!

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