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February 26, 2009


Toyota Wants to Build Car From Seaweed

(Via Gizmodo)


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They really will end up being rice-burners after all, won't they?

And if you get hungry along the way...

This will make former VP AlGaeore very happy...

Why are American automakers are hurting? Simply a lack of really good ideas like this one.

Sushi on the go!

I'm assured that it's very rare for a plant-based automobile to spontaneously come back to life, but as a precaution one should avoid parking it where it would be exposed to heavy rain or direct sunlight, and visits to the car wash should be limited to once a month.

On a positive note - the smell will be so bad you won't notice the rotting corpse in the back seat!

I wonder of that plastic is microwave-safe, like the plastic they used in the Fiero.

I thought we were supposed to be done with internal combustion cars by now. They said so.

Not to be driven near the ocean as it will want to return to it's roots.

According to their commercials, most Fords are made from soy beans. So there's a menu of automotive choices. The shiny white Tofu. The blue-green Algae

So, can I drive it underwater?

Is anyone else sick and tired of the "green" movement yet?

Will it run on CO2 and emit O2?

Just don't leave it out in the rain too long.

Annie, is that a Kia, or a Chia?

It will be easy to find your car when you come out of the mall. Just look for all the seagulls.

I feel the need, the need for seaweed.

KELP! I'm snagged by my car!

>> This will make former VP Al Gore very happy...<<

A pinwheel and a stiff breeze would make Al Gore happy.

With fronds like these who needs anemones?

I bet it only runs on Shell gasoline.

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