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February 25, 2009


Woman Accused Of Breaking Into Home To Do Laundry

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Stop me before I spin dry again!

We've had our dryer go out in the middle of doing wash -- I can understand the thinking.

"Drop your drawers and assume the position!"

No clean getaway for her, huh?

Did the culprit come clean, or was she a basket case?

She's gotta stop snorting that Ivory Snow.

You should have posted to it with this link:

This is your Tampa Bay Mary Angela Update.®

from the commments - I have a "live in" woman who hates doing laundry. How much is this girl's bail?

i think it would be fun to break into someone's home and stack their chairs in a precasrious arrangement a la "poltergiest" or maybe just leave a helium balloon behind a la pennywise the clown.

Happens to me all the time. Next the ladies will be breaking in to cook me a steak and bring me a beer...

or to *SMACK* you, Allen.

or wax you, Allen.

Carl Hiaasen's 'Skinny Dip'.

they are always looking for good laundry people in the joint.

or put you thru the rinse cycle, Allen.

Whooo! So much attention, ladies!

Medium-rare on the steak, and this time serve the Killians in a frosted mug, dammit!

Siouxie....we're gonna need more wax.

Er, yes, Larry. We sure will.

She is welcome to break in here and do all the laundry she wants to, as long as she does mine too.

Obviously this woman has never heard of a laundromat. And Allen, I think it would go better for you to grill us ladies a couple of steaks and we like our wine slightly chilled and fruity unlike our men.

Nursecindy, I'm always happy to satisfy you--would you like a blush or a pinot grande?...

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