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February 26, 2009


There's a type of dog toy that's quite popular -- a long, skinny soft toy, made of stuffed terry cloth with a squeaker inside. Here's a picture of a new one:
These are great dog toys, with one caveat: you should not give them to an actual dog.


Because the dog will NOT REST until it has killed the toy and removed the squeaker (allow 18 seconds). Soon your house will be littered with filthy disgusting drool-drenched squeaky-toy corpses.



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I don't think I have ever given my dogs one of those plush toys with squeakers that they haven't found a way to rip it up and get the squeaker out. Doggie looks so happy today!

Dave, you should praise Lucy - looks like she got rid of the squeaker without puncturing it ! Good Girl ! She also didn't eat it, which means she should get a treat ! That's a good little hunter you have there !

Here are some more typical dog chew toy test results.

Funny how they all stop when they get the squeak out of them. Speaking of squeaky toys, you've probably taken this test already. (warning, I think, butt I'm confused)

That toy looks like Walter's winter coat, doesn't it?

Wow yours lasted 18 seconds? Sounds like Lucy had a slow day.

How about she gnaws on the Squeaker of the House for a while ?

Could be, tho I don't think of that ... um ... "color" as bein' Walter's best choice ... merely sayin' ...

(and ... LOTTA laffs on that round of testing ... tnx, Annie! ... I'm limited to "supervised play" with the dog ... )

Yes. In my house, all Squeekas Must Die.

Then give Lucy this

labs and soft toys..................noooooooooooooooo

Oh yeah, I've stopped giving my dog stuffed toys because he can find the seams and rip them apart in about 5 seconds flat. The only ones I've found that last are the ones that actually don't have any stuffing in them - just a squeaker. they look like they've been run over and flattened out by a truck, but Max likes to cuddle with his squirrel, which we've affectionately nick-named "roadkill". it does my little heart good to see him chewing on it.

next time give her a live squirrel...

pssst, annie, in regards to your test, i've found heard that some can pull double duty.

To Annie re: test
I answered to all questions " marital aid" and I'm quite sure I'm right. Dogs can play with them too

To Annie re: test
I answered to all questions " marital aid" and I'm quite sure I'm right. Dogs can play with them too

Best squeaky toys EVER.


Your dog could be like mine. She loves the sound of the squeaker. She will squeak a toy until I'm ready to rip the squeaker out of it myself.

Since I've always been addicted to German Shepherds (they're great bar-b-qued or baked!) I learned long ago not to waste $$ on fuzzy slimy gooey toys. I had one Shepherd who's favorite toy was a toilet brush. We bought him his own brush and he left ours alone. The only problem was explaining to visitors why the toilet brush was always in the parlor. And one of my current puppy's favorite toys are rocks and horse shoes (without the horse attached.) ISIANMTU!

We bought our Lab a pink pig that makes a really loud noise when squeezed.The dog is terrified of it.He will not go near it after makes it's noise,so the pig sits forlornly on a shelf,waiting for a playmate.

Dora, we have a dog like that, too. He used to annoy his doggie brothers by squeaking the squeaker and pretending to be looking for the toy. Got the other two all excited, and looking for the non-existent toy as well, until one of us would go out there and throw a ball for the other two. He is still living, surprisingly, although we lost one of his brothers just a couple of weeks ago. *snif*
RIP Boots. *snif*

I gave our lab a stuffed toy at Christmas and people thought I was crazy, then he shredded it and we had stuffing all over the living room for a White-Christmas effect, by my design. Now they know I'm crazy clever.

Annie, I got 28 of 28 correct, not sure if I'm proud.

I have always believed in giving my dog the cheaper toys for them to destroy.

My cat did that to a mouse with a squeaker. She still has the squeaker. She also skinned another mouse that appeared to be stuffed with used kitty litter - which, as some of you may know turns into cement when damp....No mice with actual mouse innards, but I'm sure she always aspires to that.

Go Lucy!

LOL. Those three photos sum up the stuffed toy game here at Casa de Crozier. Beware if you have a duvet....even if it doesn't squeak!!

Dave, our dogs got TWO of those toys from my mother-in-law for Christmas. One the lovely lavender shade you show, and the other a delicate pink. The toys were half-dead before and hour had passed, and their lovely fuzzy guts were spread all over the house. I finally put them on the mantle so the dogs would have them to play with on New Year's.

My outside dogs are into digging. My backyard slightly resembles a lunar landscape with various pieces of scrap wood I leave out to keep their teeth off the trees.

The inside cat's another story. He tore the arms off the little stuffed bear we gave him and has now turned his attention to small black panther that he simultaneously pulls at the head while attempting to gut it with claws on his rear paws.

Ahhhhh, isn't that cute?*

*I'm so glad I'm not a mouse.

In a perfect world, all door-to-door salesmen would have squeakers.

!Whoa! Dude! My Fav! (toothy grin)

Just looking at it, I don't think that's supposed to be a dog toy.

Did they sell these at the Pleasure Chest store?

LTTG- My lab mutt tears everything in sight too - including the doggie beds which last a few weeks total.

Lucy looks like she wants a new toy, Dave.

27/28 on the toy test.

I'll bet my mom's black Schnauzer, Gypsy, could beat Lucy at Kill-the-Squeaky-Toy. She's a vicious little thing.

Seriously. My family used to raise Dobermans. And that Schnauzer has more energy than any of our Dobies...and more sheer agression than all of them combined.

My Australian Shepherd (Max) looooves chew toys of all types. The Shepherd/Chow mix (Truman) could give a rat's patootie about them. However, he steals all the rawhide chew bones, takes them to his bed and guards them. The two dogs will then attempt to stare each other down. Since Max is about the only dog that Truman is dominant over, Truman wins. Then he will casually wander away from the dog bed and then wait for Max to make a move on the bones. The ensuing fight sounds like they are ripping each other's lungs out. At this point, my husband takes away all the rawhide bones and hides them on top of the refrigerator. Truman then sulks. There are few things more guilt-inducing than a shepherd (of the dog variety vs. the person variety) staring reproachfully at you.

Although, I must say that Lucy seems to have the reproachful stare down as well.

We give our two dachshunds a stuffed toy (with fur) every few weeks. They play tug, and eventually destroy the toy utterly. In the process, they FLOSS their teeth.

We call them "dog floss".

They are disposable and recyclable.

And the vet wondered why my critters are named Chaos, Discord, and Havok.

Anyway,ron isn't allowed to play with the dog,but in his defense,it's too early to be taking tests.Needs more coffee.

my dog buries his toys in the yard and leaves them there to 'age' and then digs them up later and enthusiastically gnaws on what appears to be a besmirched prop from a zombie movie. he also eats underwear (and socks)out of the dirty clothes basket.

mud, the neighbor's golden used to leave her thongs (not the shoe kind) in our yard - we could always tell when it was laundry day at her house!

I've had to give up on soft toys for our lab/border collie and lab/Belgian shepherd; they get rawhide bones from Costco and the puppy is currently enamored of one of these

If you can, find the 5 arm squeek toys. The look like a court jester and each "arm" has a sqeeker in it. Guaranteed to last at least 2 days.

I think Lucy is my Rocky's twin sister. They look identical - Even have the same white marking on the chest and on the paws - Could it be??

Dear Lucy, We are 2 Maltese dogs and we must say Two Paws Up! for your outstanding work with the squeaky toy. Killing it is the only way to get a human to stop squeaking it at you. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy! http://www.luluandlolly.com

Late to this party, but I have to add that the operation Lucy performed is known as: squeakectomy.

Dear Dave I have enjoyed you writing for many years. especially the one about the snake in the drain pipe. This is different this is your companion and you should not embarrass him in front of the world. Look at him he has a nervous complex with a name long enough to circle the earth. He will need years of therapy. Do what i did I let my dog to take the neighbors dog toys and bury them. No not really but it sounded like a good idea

Aww, but they have so much fun for those 18 seconds! Do you know you can save your dog the hassle by getting her a Skineez, a stuffing free dog toy? (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=18869)

My dog still killed it, and sometimes drags it out of the toy basket and roughs it up some more. I chalk it up to cheap entertainment.


We don't sell these at The Pleasure Chest, but you know, we're always open to suggestions and customer feedback!


The Pleasurist

This is what happed to every one of Norman and Betsy's Loofas; however, they love Loofas. That is why they were so excited to get their new Look Who's Talking Loofa. This new dog toy is the same shape but they are made from quality plush and they have animal heads. When your dog bites on the animal head -- they make animal sounds too! We know all of our friends are going to love these new Loofa dog toys.

My lab/nufe mix kill all squeakers he comes in contact with! Its all rubber toys for him now!
Lesa, Happy hound toys.

Well, for me this dog toy was so cute, I also have that kind of toy in my room but it is color blue. Anyway, I agree with you there, "you should not give them to an actual dog." Well said. Thanks for sharing!


Cool Post! Very informative dude. I saw this site while browsing and think it may be relevant http://www.ablackhorse.com/. Keep up the good work!

Dave, Thanks for the great post, and for the laugh! The picture is great - your dog looks so innocent! I'll save my money and go with a kong or something more durable for my doggy gift giving! Mags

Great toy, Santa Claus always comes for my dogs too. Now he will have something cute to put in his sack.
Dog Boarding Reno

Great Toy, Santa Claus always comes for my dogs as well. Now there will be something cute in his sack.

Dave, I am trying to spread the word about the dangers of stuffing used in almost all dog toys. My dog became deathly ill and ended up having two major surgeries (total cost $7,000) to remove accumulated stuffing from his stomach. It seems that over the years he had been eating it little by little when he tore open his toys. This stuffing is petroleum based and highly toxic. It is not digestible, and cannot pass through a dog's system. After my dog's surgery, I noted on the bill that there was a charge for toxic waste removal - 5 lbs. of it. My dogs can only have toys made from either organic cotton or those toys called Skinnies, which have no stuffing at all. National Geographic TV channel is working on a special on this subject. In the meantime, I tell everyone I know about my experience, and I ask them to spread the word. These Chinese-made toys would never, ever be approved for children. They should not be approved for dogs.

Thanks for this posting Catherine. Very informative and I too will try and help spread the word. I hope your dog is doing o.k. now. I would love to know when the special will take place on National Geographic.

Does anyone know if Crazy Critters are safe? They claim that they are because there is no stuffing in them.

I found the loofa dog to be a bit delicate for any dog. Even the little guys rip it apart. The Crazy Critter is a OK toy. Depends on the dog I have some other great ideas for Dog Toys and how durable they are here Durable Dog Toy Reviews


Very durable and long lasting toys sold by this seller. All five of our dogs love them.

My toy had the same fate. Many stitch up surgeries lol i love durable dog toys.

I think my dog really love this kind of Dogs Toy but would it be healthy for him? The cloth can be easily detached my the body when he bite it. I must think it twice before i buy it. Thanks!

Ive been thinking about buying the Crazy Critters for my dogs. They look like they are fun, but won't dogs still eat the toy even if it has no stuffing in it?

That would be too harsh? Giving a real squirrel? Dogs by nature are really playful. We can't do something about that.

haha that dog is cute! :)

cute dog you got there...well after she has killed her toy, she still looks like an angel...haha :) go check some more toys for her at www.greenearthdog.com..they're really cheap and affordable...more fun for your pal!!

I am always looking for new dog toys for my boxer. These are some great ideas, thanks!

Hello, I hope you are safe and healthy during these challenging times. I have been in the pet toy business for over 20 years. Last week we launched what we truly believe is the best fetch and retrieve throw toy ever invented. Please take a look-


I would like to send you a dozen of these to give out to your 4 legged friends. I will guarantee you the FLINGERZ will bring endless "Tail Waggin fun" to your pets! Where could I send these?

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