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February 27, 2009


Vote for "Buddy."


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Voted, sir.

Also voted for Buddy--even though my daughters name is Hope. Because Hope is no name for a node.

I'm all for imposing this blog's will on NASA, but "Buddy?" Wo ist der funny in "Buddy?"

I already voted for Socks.

Yup, I done done it. Although the cookies only let me vote once. Can we get Blago to fix this injustice?

One of the top ten vote-getters so far is Vista. "Houston? We need an upgrade!"

I submitted 'Boondoggle'

i node buddy was the rightest name when i first heered it.

I'd like to submit Charlie le Mindu, but I'll go with the Buddy flow.

Voted for 'Buddy' again. Although I was tempted to write in 'Butty.'

Now about that job opening for a columnist...

As recommended here, I voted for "Montpelier".

And then I used a different browser to vote for "Judi. Who has been fired"

How about a "Cupola Wild and Crazy Guys" in honor of Dan Ackroyd and Steve Martin.

Francis Ford Cupola

Of course the correct choice is "Serenity" (the name of the ship in the tv show Firefly and the movie Serenity). The masses have spoken.

It should be named "Socks" in memory of the late, departed, first cat.

How come I can't get to the place to vote using IE6? Anyone else having this problem?

Ok I voted buddy (sorry Stanley) but it did please me to see Lord Xenu as one of the top suggestions. All hail Lord Xenu.

I added a 'Buddy' vote.
I notice that neither 'Buddy' nor 'Montpelier' come up in the tally.


Also, awesome.

I voted for suggest your own .

I hope "Vista" isnt picked. It wont run correctly, causing NASA to launch additional missions to deliver service packs, tweaks and..... dare I..... hot fixes.

I'm voting for Boondoggle.

I voted yesterday.


I've already voted twice for "Sex Tub"

One small vote for Buddy, one giant leap for mankind.

Ok, another vote for buddy. Or maybe Socks. Can't make up my mind.

Buddy is now at number eight!!

Could someone give me idiot-level instructions on the NASA site and where to find the voting page?

um...click on the link ^ there, Cheesie. Wait a bit for it to load up the voting option, then mark "suggest your own" and write in "Buddy".


No voting option ever loads. Me thinks it's a browser prob.

Buddy will have to win without me.

You're right. They took the option to vote OUT. Hmmm...

/mesmells a conspiracy.

Uh oh, another voting scandel. Isn't NASA in Florida?

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