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February 27, 2009


City of Priorities

(Thanks to shlbycindy)


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Serves him right. The first sign of a dissolving society are those willing to help elderly ladies. Bravo Denver! We should all take a step back before coming to the aid of our fellow man/woman.

btw, shlbycindy is my other alias. Yea!! I got posted. This sounded like something that Barney Fife would do.

Yup ... find sumbuddy to blame, delete all intelligent thot ... that sorta sums up most of the "public servant" behavior I've encountered in Colorado ... merely observin' here, based on prior events and Dave's link ...

YAY cindy!!

Why no tix for the old ladies? If they hadn't been crossing the street, it never would have happened.

That's what I thought, Braniff. Denver sounds 'mile high' on this one. Never mind the bad publicity. Yikes.

The jaywalker is lucky he wasn't paralyzed, or he could have been arrested.

Maybe the old ladies were armed with Emeril Lagasse Skillets?

I understand the Boy Scouts are also suing the bus driver.

Now that the Rocky Mountain News is gone the local authorities are out of control!

I feel like prosecuting the reporter too, for citing all the people who have been cited. And YOU for reading the story! bah humbug

Why did the Samaritan cross the road?

This figures. Denver police once shot a man dead for jaywalking.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Hey, come on, the cop's just got a quirky sense of humor.

Me too: Rhymes on the animal news.

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