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February 28, 2009


Also: Eeeeyew.

(Thanks to SW and Horace LaBadie)


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Mmmmm! Breakfast!

Well ... it's conceivably possible (puns intended, always) that these are animal byproducts, not human ... therefore, it's also possible that the items are appearing as a result of "natural" processes in the "wild" (yeah, I know ... the "Wilds of Champaign-Urbana" ... right next to the unsettled wilderness of Kansas and Oklahoma ... ) ...

If that would be the case, whom (whut) would they arrest for illegal depositing of these items? Mother Nature?

OTOH ... this is not funny, except p'haps with a sardonicalnessocityism intended to highlight the wry potential for dry witticism ... but then it's Saturday a.m. and I have yet to take the dogs for a walk ... I need some excitement in my life ... sorry this hasn't been it ...


Great judi. I just heaved my Zone Perfect bar and half a cup of coffee all over my desk.

I have given birth five times. Trust me, those things are totally gross. I will take my dogs out for a walk and try not to think about this whole placenta issue. Women go through all the "fun" of giving birth to a beautiful baby, then they must give birth to this alien thing from another planet that's not as attractive as a squid.

Urbana...Home of the University of Illinois, major medical school and research institution.

And they haven't figured out if it's human or animal???

Maybe the Town should try speakin' to the Gown, just this once.

When I was assisting birthing babies back in the '70's we had a few tree-hugger types that would take them home and eat them. IANMTU

I'm with you christine. Looks like you're birthing your liver.

what a waste! don't they know about 'placenta helper'?

Eeeeeech! Well, it didn't make the local news (that I can tell)....

I say we need more Lawn Rangers stories.

I've heard they also put placenta in shampoo. I prefer my shampoo without it however.

Overheard, one Chambana sewage worker to another:

Did your water break yet?

O the U sounds like you're a little down. This is a little off subject. Way off subject but maybe this will cheer you up.
Denny's has a new breakfast in honor of the octopulet mom. It's 14 eggs, no sausage, and the men in the other room pay for it.
I heard it on the radio btw.

Tnx, 'cindy ... HAR! ...

Yah, a bit down ... still in recovery mode, and still waitin' for winter to end ... but I'll be OK ... Deus volent, nil maxima aqueductum elevatum ...

well gosh, if the mom had eaten it, she could have saved the disposal fee. they need to advertise that more. what?!?!?

O the U
Deus voluntarius totus ero puteus

Layzee - I believe you. A doc I worked for told me that hippies would steal them from the hospital and eat or smoke them. She was from a remote area of Canada, and apparently that is still the only form of entertainment there.

Anyone else notice all the diet ads at the end of this story? Seems a bit redundant.

hey nursecindy,
ive actually tried placenta shampoo. its only certain enzymes sure, but it still smells a bit...odd. i think they use too much fragrance too cover up the smell of birth. oh, and the placenta they use is from sheep. :] yay.

I used to work in a hospital lab... used to get calls every once in a while to retrieve a placenta from the maternity ward so that the people more edumacated than me could analyze it... my analysis is pretty much the same as judi's... "Eeeeyew."

Come on guys... haven't you ever heard of the game "Will it Flush?"

For the frat boys, it's about the closest thing to an academic pursuit they face in their six years as an undergrad.

Obligatory comment: "your placenta or mine".

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