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February 24, 2009


British police nab giant rabbit

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I didn't know Elmer Fudd moved to England.

"It must be the curse of the were-rabbit, Gromit."


They do realize that Easter is coming, right?

And you though I was hallucinating.

they used their coats "to try and cover it with a bullfighting technique"?

Many is the time I have seen the great Manolete drape his jacket over the charging bull and carry the steaming snorting mass of magnificent muscle off to the animal shelter.

P.S. Why no photo with this? Shoddy reportage.

thank goodness the doormouse got away.

Who framed Roger Rabbit? Alcohol may have been involved.

"Night of the Lepus"!

Meanie, can you tell me how you used a different name while still signed in on your typepad account? Thanks.

We're gonna need a bigger stew pot.

That rabbit is dynamite. Perhaps they should have considered using the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch to subdue the beast.

i'm with ya on that, mitch....but has anyone notified jimmy carter??

"... dog-sized ... " ? ? ?

Whut size of dog?

Chihuahua? Irish Wolfhound?

Shoddy reporting, even moreso than whut Betsy said about no pix ...

Sherly :

I normally don't stay signed in to TypeSad, but it should work either way.

Sign in to your TypeSad account, copy the URL that it gives you (http://profile.typepad.com/Not Sherly or whatever), then sign out and return to a comment thread at this blog.

In the information block, type in your regular screen name and your email address, and paste in the TypeSad URL that you copied.

Check the box for Remember Personal Info, then hit Preview. Then, without hitting Post and without using your browser's Back button, make your way to the main blog screen and then to a comment thread. When the comment thread appears, your name, address, and TypeSad URL should be saved and appear in the information block. Next time you comment, this saved info will appear, but at this point you can change your screen name to something else if you like. Once you post under this screen name, if you hover your cursor over your screen name, the TypeSad URL will still show as Not Sherly.

When you want to go back to your regular screen name after posting, you'll have to type it back in. You can do that and hit Preview to save it, as long as you don't hit your browser's Back button afterward.

Here is a pic of Tiny the Rabbit and the heroic constable.

That is one BIG wabbit!

Did they use a Holy Hand Grenade?

The dreaded Welsh Rabbit?

The Canterbury Bunny, aka the Bunny of Bunny & Clyde, hopped to his freedom only to be nabbed by animal-loving coat-tossing facists.

OK ... so NOW they say " ... the size of a small dog ... " ...

They could've clarified that earlier, if they'd've been tryin' to be better reporters, and to not mislead folks who were visualizin' a rabbit the size of a Volkswagen ...

A VW Rabbit, whut else?

Thanks, MtB

Whan that February, with hise muck ysoote
The ycce of Janus melt'd to the roote
And fylled each constable withe greyte ambytion,
There comme a Gyannte Rabyte onne a myssionne.
Ye naturre of ye myssionne was unknowne,
But constables did gathyre in the towne,
And made to capturye the Grettye Beastye
And for y towneffolke prepare y fesye
Bott gentilfolke did comme wyth wyrds off honye
and sayth, in consert, "Awwwwww! A lyttle bonnye!"

*throwth 't' up to Geoffrey for 'festye'*

Betsye: Ye are being sue-ed.

Excellent job!

*Snourke!* upon Bettsye

I believe he is a flemish giant, correct? I have always wanted one, but rabbits and computer wiring don't mix...

Okay, this may sound silly, but what was the rabbit doing that it required being taken into custody? Was it's only crime that it was an oddity?

When they catch these things do they grab them by their Canterbury Tails?

That is a BIG bunny. My little bun weighs 3 pounds, at the most!

The last time I heard of someone following a white rabbit he ended up taking a nasty red pill. For more giant rabbits, go here.


Ralph...Good grief!!! Thanks for the incredible, yet scary, link!

I really liked your blog quite informative and interesting facts and figures you have discussed on your blog even the comments are very fruitful and helpful in enhancing the knowledge regarding the topic.

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