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February 25, 2009


When they got there, deputies say Lori told them she tried to hug Kevin twice, however he pushed her away because he did not wish to be hugged. Kevin claims Lori grabbed him several times, so he threw her on the bed to get away from her.

(Thanks to Kay Myers)


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Looks like they were "hugging" with acid.

I think unsolicited hugging should be outlawed and dealt with severely.

Now unsolicited sex acts are OK..... No need to get all crazy with the laws and stuff.

I'll take a wild guess and say alcohol was also involved.

((((((((((grope group hug)))))))))

Cheesewiz, meth actually, by the look of her.

Well, there's hugging and there's hugging.

Did her pants fall down while she hugged?

Were her pants full of frozen lobsters while she hugged?

Were her pants on fire while she hugged?

Had she recently hugged a poop-eating elephant?

It does look like meth was involved. Would love to see what the boyfriend looks like.

She reminds me of the monster pig from Crossett.

Yeesh. No, you wouldn't...

(((hugs Siouxie)))
Is that a lobster in your pocket or Allen at Division?

A face only a mother could hug?

Check out Metromix.com for the most "romantic" places in Tampa.
After that story & photo? Pass.

Good thing she didn't try this on Valentine's Day.

Someone tape a magnet to her head. Preferably over her face. And hurry.

Good thing she didn't try this on Valentine's Day.

If you don't call, and you don't text, and you don't want a hug, the least you can do is to allow a little squeeze. WARNING: Men do NOT click this link. Seriously, don't.

Love the link after the article to "the most romantic places in Tampa" - where, no doubt, hugging is actively discouraged.

A Hug Thug Mug Shot?

Try hugging me lady and you'll get a rectal reach-around. Alas, nobody wins...

I don't believe I'd want that creature sneaking up on me and trying to hug me either.

I suspect that he didn't want her to get a whiff of the evidence that he was out that night with someone else -- presumably someone who does not look like a hungover Sasquatch.

Not wanting to be hugged by that seems like the way to go. But then I saw that photo of Bill Clinton hugging Monica Lewinsky, so what do I know ?

No means No, and when it is the Cloverfield monster No means "No F-ing Way!"

Where's the warning for the initial link??? Eye bleach please.

Ah, l'amour! I seem to recall a similar incident involving the Duke of Windsor and dear Wally Simpson...

"home" = "trailer" ?

(beatles 'all my loving')

if it looks like it bugs you
then i won't try to hug you
i know that you'll call 9-1-1
so when you push me away
it's not 'cause you're gay
when you think of my hugging you run!

all my hugging
makes your skin crawl, it's true
all my hugging
makes you want to spew!

you pretend , your pulse racing
it's Jolie you're embracing
it don't seem to help all that much
so it's not me you're dissing
by avoiding my kissing
you just can't another human's touch!

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