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February 25, 2009


Chef Paula Deen loses her pants during festival demo


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PAULA!! Put those buns back in the oven!

Pressed Hams, Y'all

Whoa! Did you see how the tide shifted right then?

All things considered, I'd rather see Paula than the King and Queen of Spain ... merely sayin' ...

Apparently she was creating a standing rump roast.

Moon Pies! Mmmmm.

...giving new life to the expression, "Looked like two hogs wrestlin' in a sack."

Does she cook Chinese food?
Moon poo thi fat

I guess she didn't give up mooning people for Lent. I'm beginning to think that I'm the only one who is.

NMUA - we have to give that up too??


This never happened to Julia Child.

OH!BOY!---Fatty bum bums.

*ponders the question: which celeb chef would i like to see pantless?*

I got nothing.

Siouxie --
Give up mooning or caffeine. My family voted for me to give up mooning.

Maybe Julia didn't moon the audience, but she was in the OSS, a predecessor to the CIA. So if she did moon the audience, the evidence was probably sent to gitmo or something.

Too funny, Paula is one of my favorite cooks

wiredog, that would explain the claims of unnecessary torture at GITMO.

NMUA, I'm thinking my girls would agree and prefer me to give it up too. The mooning, that is.

*ponders the question: which celeb chef would i like to see pantless?*

I got nothing.

Posted by: random thunking | February 25, 2009 at 10:45 AM

how about Giada DeLaurentiis? (aka: Cooking with Cleavage)

If only it had been Giada. I wouldn't mind munching on her celebrity chef buns.

Quite the diet incentive.

I also wouldn't mind being Ingrid Hoffman's assistant. I could toss her salad.

Just showing the crowd her pork butt. I love Paula, though!

Bobby Flay


POLL: How many of y'all read the last line "and Paula's behind" as be-HIND or BEE-hind?

...Spanx? WTFBBQ are Spanx?

...And why couldn't something like this have happened to Nigella Lawson?

Wes, you'd have to be a woman to know that.

MOTW: Definitely BEE-hind.

Wes: I can't send you a link because the nanny filter on my work computer is denying access to an underwear site. Suffice it to say that they are a brand of ladies granny-panty-style underpants that are made to eliminate VPL (visible panty lines) underneath women's slacks.

Julia Child would have killed all the witnesses with a modified blowtorch.

MOTW: booty

MOTW: ass

The south in me says BEE-hind, the mid-atlantic says bu-hynd.

For Lent I gave up, among other things, swearing.

What the ______ was I thinking?

This is going to be a challenge.

The Cuban in me says culo.

Maybe Paula needs to rethink that pound of butter she puts in all her recipes.

She took that instruction to cook uncovered just a little too literally ...

The Mexican in me says nalgas.

I LOVE Paula Deen - she cracks me up. I also love her sons.
I still love Alton Brown and Guy Fieri (or however you spell his name.) Those diners are GREAT !
But my all time favorite has to be Duff, the cake guy. He's someone I could party in the kitchen with - AND his crew.

Can you tell I spend a lot of tim on the Food Network ????

I don't know who tim is, so I guess I'd better throw up an extra "e".

Well, you have to give her a lot of credit for having a sense of humor. Thank heavens it wasn't Mario B. Bobby Flay would work, but Tyler Florence would be even better...

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