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February 27, 2009


Tomorrow is Sword Swallowers Awareness Day.

(Thanks to Jeff Kleinman)


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*supresses gratitude reflex*

Sword Swallowers... meh...

Kielbasa Swallowers, on the other hand, I applaud you.

is this like motorcyle and bicyclist awareness campaigns, where we're supposed to not bump them while they practice their art?

Siouxie? Wanna swallow a sword?...

"From there relax the esophageal muscles, relax the lower esophageal sphincter, and slip the blade down into my stomach, repress the wretch reflex in my stomach."

Unless he really is repulsed by poor or homeless people, I suspect he means retch reflex...

Shoddy editing, people...

There are just so many wrong ways to go with this.

Be safe, people. Use a scabbard.

Otherwise known as "Linda Lovelace Day"

speaking of editing: it's university of freiburg

Allen...you're just asking for a *SMACKING*, huh?

*reaches for really obscure association*

Speaking of Linda Lovelace, we ain't got Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.

*Deep and Bloody Throat*??

Yeah, Steve ... misspelled words, improper usage, totally ignoring the AP Stylebook rules and/or guidelines ...

Why should this outfit, or today, be an different? Journalism at its finest!

uh, i am not interested in doing any things with any sphincters, thank you.

"Why should this outfit, or today, be an different? Journalism at its finest!"

*mutters about glass houses*

Celebrate Appropriately


O.k.,I understand.

One slip, and uvula be sorry.

(Btw, what does "AAAS" stand for?)

At least it is not Hara Kiri awareness Day

It's the least we can do, considering all they do for us.

Siouxie--the *spits* was afterwards, right? Ahhhh...

Bad girl, Siouxie, bad.

i like to swallow sword fish. does anyone appreciate that? hmmmmmm? i think not.

I plan to ignore the whole sword-ed occasion.

I tried to get my wife to join. she spituiosly rejected the idea. maybe now that they have a awarness she will give it a shot!

So my old girlfriend was actually a medical pioneer???

Huh!? Who'd a thunk it?

OT (sort of)

Jack and Renee, sitting in a tree...


Ack! Thbffft!

Lazeeboy, you date yourself.. I made another pun..

Being banned, EB


It figures...I go away for a week and my baby daddy gets married to that s!$t Giselle. I will now continue to drown my sorrows in delighful tropical beverages.

Carry on.


((((((((((Punkin BFF)))))))))))

It's ok, sweetie. I've got something for you. A tribute to the girls.

Swords, swords, glorious swords
Nothing quite like them
To tone up the cords!
So swallow them, swallow,
Down through the hollow!
A hard act to follow --
Those glooooorrrrious

(A virtual mojito to the first person who can place the above...)

for s.w at 3:12 - american association for the advancement of science...

Betsy, that's not irrelevant. It's a hippopotamus!

Oh, and nicely done, down there. In the mud. ;-)

Me think practitioner Dan Meyer speak with forked tongue.

Spit, Siouxie?


*Has inexplicable craving for shish-ke-bab*

Here you go!

Hmmm...that was a disappointing mojito. I'll have to work on my bartending skills......

Errrrrrmmmm...Dances? How about a promissory note for a virtual mojito???

Sword Swallowers Awareness Day

Sore Heir's Dollar-A-Day Allowance

40 degrees and raining here today.Now that's different.

Correction;It's now 32 degrees and snowing.

By a bizarre combination of Betsy's challenge and dances' clue, I was led to this even more bizarre result.

And, no, I would never have earned the mojito, having never before heard of Flanders and Swann.

Node 3 Update: "Buddy' is now among the Top 10.

Blogpower, baby!

Wooo hooo!! The power of the Blog. It's #8! I just voted ..again.

Good morning. Coffee and donuts on the blog bar next to the Mojitos.

Meanie...*SNORK* and *SNORK* yet again!!! Other bloggits: I HIGHLY recommend Meanie's link!

P.S. Meanie, in honor of your outstanding detective work, I'm going to go vote for "Buddy" as often as possible.

But "Serenity" is still Number One.

That CAN'T be a coincidence.

Today I voted for Buddy.Someone,Nasa?is pushing Serenity.I'll vote again tomorrow.

betsy, you messing with mock turtles?

Potential scandal alert: "Serenity" is the Number Two (sorry!) brand of adult diapers in the U.S. Is NASA taking kickbacks???

cg...I would never mock a turtle!

Buddy is up to #7 now...

Thank you, Michael Donald Betsy von Ulm, nope wrong Brit humour reference, I'll take that raincheck.

Right now we're glad for ron's rain/snow to recover from our dung-covered swelter.

Flanders & Swann are the Flemish/English pinnacle of civilization, with Hippopotamus, Misalliance, Ill Wind, Madeira M'dear, etc, ranking right up there with Dave Barry's Bad Habits. The Complete box set is generally fabulous, but would've been better with the 1957 At The Drop Of A Hat, instead of the 1960 version, IMHO. (I blame George Martin for that, and Yoko Ono.)

Dances...Amen! Is "Misalliance" the one about the left-handed honeysuckle and the right-handed bindweek?

And in re Meanie's link (above), I am now obsessed with a mental image of the Pantomime Horse.

Another Saturday in paradise...



Yes, indeek, Betsy!

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