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February 27, 2009


(Thanks to Siouxie and Onterrible)


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Usually, I worry about kids being put into "the system" for DCFS. This time, it's an improvement.

Yet another thing Ray Nagin can be proud of.

Hasn't everyone, at least ONCE, wanted to swap their kids for a cockatoo??


Neither have I.

Naw, cockatoos are as loud as kids. Maybe a parakeet?

Didn't I once read the Liberace had kissed a cockatoo?

There were times when my kids were small, they were a year apart in age, when I would have given somebody the $175.00 along with the kids and told them to keep the cockatoo. My son drove me crazy by telling his little sister that she was a fidget. That was his word for a female midget. Of course it made her cry.

This sounds like a Henny Youngman joke. "I got a cockatoo for my kids. I thought it was a really good trade."


(Sorry, 'cindy ... but that's funny! ... um ... whut are his career aspirations? He's got a talent for adapting the language ... )

He is a 911 dispatcher. Heaven help us all.


Can NOT stop laffin'!!!

I've dealt with a couple of 'em that were language "challenged" ... so, pardon me if I fret a bit less becuz he's got whut appears to be a facility for the vernacular, and might do a better job as a result ...


Tnx, n'cindy ... I needed cheerin' up, today ...

But she had no authority to put the children up for adoption. She's not their mother.

But this wasn't adoption - it was a trade.

If she had been their mother, would she legally be able to trade?

Some women will do anything for a c()ck or two.

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