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February 25, 2009


City of Manners

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and dfjazzzz)


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Evidently, just a little prick.

Obviously ...

This must be the other type of "father-stabber" we've known about for so many years ... merely ... drivin' the Geezer Bus ...

leather applied vigorously to the same area 17 years ago might have prevented this incident

I'm confused ... was the kid wearing the hat on his butt, or was he sitting on his head? Help me out here ....

Ahhh. Charm City. Gotta love it.

Kid was being a pain in the ass, so Dad gave him one.


I'm taking the geezer bus to Alice's Restaurant too, OtheU

Yeah, wire. Balimer is a Charming place.

Had it not been Sunday, he would have shot his son.

These are the rules; everybody knows 'em.

Wondering if communion wine was involved?

Geezer bus tour guide: "Next stop, Group W Bench!"

Backin' up - We got it turned around. The father was doing the stabbing here.

Keister Sunday came early this year.

Was Jack Bauer around?

The End Times are here!

That's why I said "the other type", pogo ... there's them fathers that get stabbed, and then there's them fathers that do the stabbin' ...

In usage of the common vernacularityness, either/both would then be referred to as a "father-stabber" ...

But yew gnu that ...

And I'm pleased that there's still sum of us geezers out there (here?) who remember that information ... (I refreshed my memory only last week, with the "30th Anniversary" edition/version/upgrade ... still gotta LOLler @ the part where Arlo sez: " ... 18 minutes and 20 seconds ... " )

sheesh. i thought my parents were tough.

Bless the Lord and pass the hunting knife.

How do they know who to arrest if they're witholding his name?

I wonder if the buttock of choice (left) had any religious significance to the father?

Perhaps he should reread the Abraham and Issac story in Genesis. I don't recall the angel of the Lord shouting, "Do it!"

Dad! I said I didn't want to be left behind, not I didn't want my left behind!

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