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February 23, 2009


Do not click here.


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Bluetooth reaches to new, uhm, heights?

If it will make me famous, I'll do it.

I wasn't squeamish until I clicked there.

Can you ear me now?

I thought the Ubangi were extinct...

When am I going to pay attention to the warnings that are on links?!! OUCH!!!

snork@siouxie. and might i add. ewww, and DUMBO.can i add asshat, while i'm at it?


The picture does bring up the problem of distinguishing between sources of the voices inside and outside one's head.

I'm betting that telling this guy there is a risk of cancer from cell phones will fall on a deaf ear.

Two words of discouragement: battery replacement

I hope he declines the iPhone upgrade offer.

If he keeps that thing on 'vibrate', he's gonna be extinct.

Hey, give me an ear ring sometime!

Nice earring.

*High fives and glass clinks with Margaritaville*

This is what happens when you make laws banning hand held phones while driving. Hands free gets just a little more ridiculous.

" ...and pick up some milk and some potatoes and maybe some goat cheese and don't stop off at the bar on the way home and stay away from those buddies of yours . . ."

I prefer these models.

handsfree 1

handsfree 2

Hands - free
Brain - full

"And now for my next trick..."

*Drops pants and grabs watermelon*

Careful, Guy, or you'll end up with a bad case of diverticulitis reversis.

prefers darnell's dread phone from my name is earl.

If he plugs that cell phone into his cigarette lighter in the car to recharge it he's going to have a hard time driving.

Texting seems like it would be difficult too.

Whew. I didn't click the link. After reading the comments, I'm GLAD!

MKJ fan says, "We won't."

Stretched earlobes are common among the Masai (Man) (Woman) -- they start early. I saw a teenage girl with D-batteries in her ears to help stretch them. Ouch!

i agree with you...don't click link

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CNN's ability to keep up with such high-quality reporting has won it worldwide credibility.

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