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February 20, 2009


Nuclear Grade duct tape.

(Via Gizmodo)


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This stuff will be great for when I need to bundle my carbon rods for the dump!

Taping someone's buns with that stuff would surely get you jail time. Someone please tell Emilio Estevez that it's not a good idea.

This was used frequently by McGyver when he ran out of chocolate bars to seal up nuclear reactors.

Duct Tape and WD40 - the 2 most important things in life. If it supposed to move and it doesn't, WD40. If it moves and it's not supposed to, Duct Tape!

Also, nothing is actually broken, it is just lacking sufficient Duct Tape!

"Colors - slate blue, red."
The tape in the picture is more of a post-apocalypse teal, no?

This is the stuff NASA uses to patch up the space shuttle, no?

Time to upgrade my bomb shelter.

"Temperature use range: Up to 200°F (93°C)."
My tinfoil hat may work better in case of nuclear explosions.

I agree, Annie. I was thinking that a color "choice" indicates nucular (sic) duct tape is not just for guys anymore.

Welds in your reactor pressure vessel not holding up? Have we got a practical repair method for you!

I'm thinking it has to be better than regular duct tape for other practical purposes. You know, when hot wax is not readily available and your significant other needs some hair removal. Right, Annie??


shopping hint - the camo-colored duct tape at Target is good up to 250 degrees Farenheit. If you can find it.

Si, amiga. Corn rows are sexy behind a tractor or on your head. But NOT in your ears or on your back.

Ah, remember the good old days, when everyone stocked up on nuclear duct tape and plastic sheeting?

I remember hearing about them from my parents. That's about all I'll admit to. ;)
Looks like we skeered the boyz off with the wax talk.

Duct tape--The handyman's secret nuclear weapon.

Oopsie. Must be my Alzheimer's kickin' in again. I thought you meant duct-taping the old fashioned fallout shelters. Like momma used to make.

Well, it is said that Red Green stacked up on all the Canadian Duck tape....

BTW, upon checking - you have to buy a full or partial case. Guessing that one roll is not a partial case, dang it....

Annie, I don't know why the boys would be skeered of a little duct tape.

We're just bonding.

Yeah. There are so many cool things to do with it. Some of them even fashionable. (And yes, I'm stinging a bit from the 'hey GUYS' title of this thread. Butt I'll live.)

*snork* @ Siouxie's linkie! Looks like the duct tape specialista missed a key spot on the buttocks.

Annie, I love those prom outfits!! how FAB!

One of the better uses for duct tape.

It conceals as it waxes! I knew it had lots of uses around the house, butt I had no idea how many.

LMAO I love that baby one.

Waxing with duct tape? That explains how women get that glowing skin.

Hasta manana, gf. Gotta go be social for a bit. :)

Niters, chica! Have fun.

Isotape? I'll take a case!

Sharkie, guys can also have a nice duct tape glow.


Anger issues Sioux? Best to steer you away from Home Depot - too many creative ways for you to express yourself.

Speaking of nuclear, it appears that Tom Hanks (yes, Forrest Gump himself) will be the person to turn on the Large Hadron Collider, which will destroy the Earth.



Forrest Gump in charge of the Universe??

Just keep some duct tape handy, and the Universe will be fine.

I was reading the technical data on this stuff (because I am that curious/bored) and I read this:

Unwinds from the roll easily making it convenient to use and preventing user fatigue.


If users are getting fatigued from unwinding duct tape, maybe they need to spend some quality time with a treadmill.

Also, Firefox's spell check doesn't think "ISIANMTU" is a word. It suggests "TUNISIAN", "LOUISIANA", or "PARISIAN".

I've always wanted nuclear grade duct tape and didn't know it 'til now.Red Green on steroids.

is this the same as nucular?

If you take a Tunisian and a Louisianian to France, the Parisian will surrender. ISIANMTU.

A Tunisian and a Louisianian walk into a Barre....

Annie...On your link, Deuil-la-Barre is defined as "a populated place in France."

For some reason, I'm reminded of the Coneheads....

Betsy - that happens to me all the time.

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