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February 27, 2009


An artist in China has produced a set of giant bazooms:


We see this as an homage to the oeuvre of Woody Allen:


(Thanks to Siouxie and catmanmax)


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Siouxie strikes again.

Well played.

It was also an homage to our very own Punkin.

How I noticed this, we'll never know but do Oxen normally come in red?

I'm glad the cow is painted red. Otherwise, the art would just be strange.

Punkin? Did you go to China recently?

I swear, your post was not there when I sent mine in Siouxie.

Don't sweat it, Baron. We often think alike. I blame this blog ;-P

I like that this is supposedly a celebration of natural curves. Those are, um, very natural looking...

Personally, Siouxie, I blame a misspent youth and a mildly perverted thinking process, but that's just me.

Are those support tires by Bali or Vanity Fair? I can't tell.

That is a one fine set of oxen, very firm and well-yoked.

(the second one's just off camera.)

I think it's time that Judi gave us bloggettes something to look at.

Baron, how could any youth that results in that sort of thinking be regarded as misspent?

Society standards and Blog standards are two totally different things, wiredog. I prefer the Blog standards myself... they include copious ramparts and booger jokes.

Excellent choices, Baron ... whut else is really needed?

Ars grabya artis.

That reminds me... What time is " Baywatch " on ?

Which one is Woody Allen?

Is the Woody Allen caption a reference to his 1970s film "Sleeper" when he goes foraging for food and finds a carrot the size of a large ladder?

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