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February 22, 2009


Kiefer Sutherland heckles a guitarist.

(Thanks to Gail Orsillo)


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I like that Kiefer is not afraid to drink.

It takes a real man to tell another one he's got some hot licks ...

Or ... whutever ...

Did I read this wrong or does the article omit what the original heckle was?

jack bauer would tell you what the heckle was, and he wouldn't have to kill you ...but he would anyway!

Next season. 24 hours in rehab. Jack yells at a doctor real loud that he needs Jack Daniels to save the world.

"What did I say? Ask around."

What is Kiefer doing in NY? We need him in LA ASAP - Oscar night parties - time to let his pants hair down....

♫ I got those mean ol' CTU blu-ues
You know poor Edgar, he's still dead
Yeah, got those mean ol' CTU blu-ues
Poor ol' Edgar, he's really still dea-ead
Can't get him outta my perimeter
That fat, goofy, round ol' Edgar hea-ead

Now Chloe, she got the schematics
But they can't do us no good
Yeah, well Chloe she got the schematics
But the dialogue's still made of wood

Yeah, got those mean ol' CTU blu-ues
Make a man wanna break down and cry
Yeah, I got the mean ol' CTU blu-ues
Gonna hafta shoot a man in the thigh
At least our President's no longer a handbag
Although she no longer is a guy ♪

Old Jack has fallen off the perimeter.

I'm confused. I thought all of you really liked 24. Was I wrong? I thought you admired the fast paced action and the thoughtful and provacative dialogue.

nursecindy - you just stuck yourself in the thigh with one of your sarcastic barbs.

Poor Jack.

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