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February 23, 2009


An otter.


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Hmmm, it makes me wonder if I've misunderstood the offers of free beaver videos in my email.

I thought that was Mickey Rourke.

I would have thought wearing fur to the ceremony was frowned upon nowadays.

Otter Porn!

I've ridden on that "safari boat" ... them otters are perty aggressive ... I'd guess that this one must've mugged a tourist ...

OtheU! You otter post that picture of the raft of otters.

Otterly cute.

I otter, Jan ... but I dunno if I can find it ... also, fotobucket is broke, as far as my postin' pix with it ... dunno why ... I might be able to do a link, but not a direct foto display ...

I'll go look in my files ...

Here ya go, Jan ... sorry the actual print dealie no longer werks ...

Imagine, folks, if every one of these had a camera ... it'd be like ... a tour bus full of ... non-residents ...


That little guy has my father beat - he managed to get the lens cap off before the shot.

What's the big deal ? Otters enjoy boring their guests with home movies too.

You otter be in pictures......

He's probably just looking for someone to take that older model in trade for for a digicam.

I bet he has a webbed site.

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