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February 27, 2009


LONDON (Reuters) – Irish carrier Ryanair, Europe's largest budget airline, might start charging passengers for using the toilet while flying, chief executive Michael O'Leary said on Friday.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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How much will it cost to breathe?

To undo the seat belts, simply insert $1.00, lift up the tab on the buckle......

Do you have to pay to flush?

pannus, breathing is free exept for in the event of an emergency where you may need the little oxygen mask. they could make a fortune off personal floatation devices/seats too.

"spend a pound to spend a penny"
Gotta love those British euphemisms.

Next up: a tip jar by the exit.

does it cost to fart?

One airline is giving away free sodas.Is this the same one?

I suspected that their "All You Can Drink" beer runs might have some ulterior motive.

Lavatory paper can be purchased by the centimeter.

"We're all about finding ways of raising discretionary revenue so we can keep lowering the cost of air travel."

I'm glad they cleared that up, because I had been wondering what they were all about. Silly me, I hadn't realized that "all systems are go" feelings were "discretionary". I'll make a note of that.

seriously? a pound is a LOT of money to use the bathroom. most pay toilets over there are 20p; a pound is like $1.50. someone better hold the door open for me when they come out.

How about turnstiles to use the jetway?

Bring exact change.

How 'bout charging each passenger a "landing" fee?

This is a clear case of the management not thinking this through. Do they REALLY want the passengers to come up with their own creative ways to save money on this particular issue? I think the flight attendants might want to speak up here, as the ones who have to clean the plane after the passengers disembark.

Well, the "journalist" or the "manager" took the "spend a pound to spend a penny" line frum me ... so ... I'm stuck with the "spend a pound to drop one" allegory ... dang ... I hate it when that happens ...

"Save your pennies for a rainy day" and then . . nobody'll notice if you spend 'em.

I thought they were charging BY the pound.

Ew. Never mind.

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