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January 11, 2009


Check out Prom Dress Rugby.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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... um ... OK, it's a bit physical ... but I did not notice any floor-length dresses there ... or field-length, either ... when I wuz younger ... um ... nevermind ...

Also ... that did not appear to be as physical as certain back seat activities on prom night ... merely sayin' ...

This COULD be a spectrator sport that I'd be interested in.

Of course,the foundation garments would hold the key.

What can I say?I'm a dirty old man.

France has surrendered in advance.

Man that looks like fun! Where do I sign up?

I was once in a women's polo match that the team shirts were teeny tank tops barely big enough to fit our number. Record turnout, of course.

In the center of the front row in a rugby scrum is a position that carries the number 2 on the jersey, the position is called hooker.

I gnu that, Mot' ... still have the tattooed scars on the Tibiae to remind me of those Rugby games so long ago ... tnx for the refresher course in vernacular nomenclature ...

can't wait for bridesmaid dress hockey!

Sign me up, cg. Some of those dresses need to be beaten up. They fugly.

Good find, Ted H-G!


Annie, I think those dresses WILL be pretty much be destroyed by the end of the game. That might have been the goal of the event!

Too many "be"s in that comment!

And there was a bird in the grocery store today too!

Thees make-a me so hot !

I'm thinkin' Monty Python, "The Battle [sic] of Pearl Harbor as performed by the Women's Guild of someplaceorotheringhamshire."

Good afternoon, peeps!

I'm in for the bridesmaids hockey. I picture the hockey puck being in the shape of a bride's bouquet.


*Hip-checks Siouxie, lunges for bouquet*

*waiting for blog-man to high stick me*

(Story of my life)

Punkin, what kind of high-sticking are you talkin' about?

OWWWW! my aging hips, Punkin!!

My guess is that this all started when the women of USC needed new outfits, and donated their old dresses to the less-fortunate school.

Nice to see that UCLA finally has a "dress code".

Go Giants! 3-0, first quarter :)

BRILLIANT!!! I wanna play! *rummages through closet for old dress*

Хорошо пишешь, подписалась на фид

FWEEEEEEEET! Unsportsmanlike use of spam. 15-yard penalty!

My wicket's getting sticky just watching them. And don't even ask about my scrun.

I couldn't tell which side was which; they need to play Skins and Shirts Dresses.

Iggles up by 2...Yay Pointy Ball!

Prom dresses? Those weren't no prom dresses!

I'm thinkin' Monty Python, "The Battle [sic] of Pearl Harbor as performed by the Women's Guild of someplaceorotheringhamshire."

Posted by: Betsy | January 11, 2009 at 12:40 PM

Betsy, I looked it up. It was Batley Townswomans Guild Presents the Battle of Pearl Harbour

Thanks, Jeff.

I wasn't too far off, considering my advanced age and permanent brain damage:) P.S. As I recall, the Batley Townswoman's Guild had the advantage of sturdy handbags* with which to whop each other.

*no Jack Bauer reference express or implied

In Australia they say that you need leather balls to play rugby. Apparently not in Los Angles.

Bah, amateurs. I've played indoor paintball in a hoopskirt, bloomers, and wig/hat a la Scarlett O'Hara.

i too saw python.

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