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January 28, 2009


SLO mobile home fire caused by cigarette left before residents went to smoking cessation meeting

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Smoking is bad for your house.

oh, bwaaaahaaaaa.

ya just cant make this stuff up.

That's why I took up chewin' tobacky...it don't burn up mah trailer.

A little math and life lesson:
Let's say he gets the insurance payout for the full loss. He could replace the trailer (or buy a townhouse in Vegas that was built on speculation for investment that went to foreclosure) and contents and probably have enough left over with pensions to live comfortably.

Or he could buy 4000 cartons of cigarettes.

I wonder which he will choose.

This irony smells like smoke.

Trailer for sale or rent,
A little smoky and it has a few dents
Needs some paint, it got a little wet
Just don't smoke no cigarettes!

Ah but,
Two hours of smoking class
I'll kick the butts before they kick my a$$
I'm a
Man who learned the hard way,

King of the "D'oh!"

Department Fire Investigator John Madden said

he could explain how the fire started if he only had a telestrator.

Mind if I snork?

*snorking* section ------------>



Having grown up in a home where there always seemed to be a Pall Mall or a Chesterfield burning in an ashtray, I'm amazed I didn't go up in smoke. Maybe it's because Mom & Dad never went to any smoking cessation meetings.

Brilliant, Cat! That's one of my all-time favorite songs. (The original, that is - not the parody.)

It caused 200,000 dollars damage to the mobile home and it's contents? Was it a double wide? It's a good thing his mom is going to the smoking cessation meetings. 80 something years old and she's still smoking? Is she trying to die young?

It's a Cali double-wide, so yes, $200k. You won't see that kind of number in Arkansas.

80 years old and going to smoking-cessation meetings. Wow.

I bet she was just going to pick up guys.

Why not? I'd do it. So they have addiction issues. Use that to your advantage. You know they don't have much time left. Git on their will ASAP.

Where did everybody go? Oh, hey - new post ---->

Department Batallion Chief Dave Podhorsky said that the fire caused an estimated $200,000 in damage to the mobile home, including its contents.

What did it contain, crack???

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