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January 28, 2009



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What happened to the headline: "Those terrorist bastards now they're using needle fish!" You're slipping!

To quote the man in Jaws, "We need to get a bigger boat."

That would explain his crotchtal area all puckered up.

Well I sure made the mistake of eating right before I hit the blog just now.

Was he working at Jack in the Box at the time?

Another reason to put the Middle East at the top of my must visit list.

The guy who went to the hospital 5 DAYS after a fish jumped in his eye? Did he think it would just work itself out?

Even more troubling are these two adjacent penis-related articles:

Fish In Penis and Penis-Eating Fish

If you don't mind, I'll be in a fetal position in the corner.

It sounds like these flying fish are in cahoots with giant squid, no?

*giant fisheyed snork* @ NSSJan !!!

Oooooh! Pointy and shiney!!



so!Are we gonna nuke these bastards,or what??????

*joins Mr. Completely in the fetal corner* GAH!

*reaches for the brain bleach*

Alright, I'll say it. This story smells fishy to me.


"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a ....HEY!

Where is baligirl ?? She needs to read this one !

I saw The Impalers (GNFARB) open for Alice Cooper back in the 70s at the Hollywood Sportatorium.

Relax. It's a flesh fish wound.

*snork* @ fish wound!

"The fish caused a serious injury to the optic nerve as it tried to flap free"

I had a bunch of scary eye surgery a while ago, and I thought I was pretty blah-zay about this stuff, but I'm going to bed now, with a steel stock pot over my head.

Nite, nite, Betsy. Make sure you don't breathe into the pot. The humidity can combine with the metals in the pot and give you a nasty infection.

Kidding...nite nite!

Boogers big as fish.

Needlefish in the eye? What happened to the camel in the the eye of the needle? Is there a Third Testament now or something? I can't keep up with this stuff.

It's all fun and games until...

Finally, after all the tiresome press about shark attacks, a needlefish-in-the-face story.

Oh, yeah, Tonga "Piu" Loumouli, I know him. He's from Tonga. OK, leedle bit of a hygiene problem, I guess. Not so bad outdoors. 'Course, he won't go outdoors now. Thinks the birds'll get him next. Never shoulda given him that Hitchcock DVD for Christmas. Kinda tough on his Mom. Sensitive nose, y'know.

What were we talking about?

Oh, yeah, needle in the eye, Rush in your ear. Similar. Not identical situations, just similar.

Cheesewiz, if I thought you weren't being sarcastic, I'd offer my guest room :-)

Nasty,nasty storm.I have a lot of snow to move and it all has about an inch of frozen crust on top.I'll be a while on this one.

Ron - take it slow and easy.and watch the footing. In addition to the sheer exertion that kind of task takes, it's slippery as all hell.

We got around 6 inches of heavy wet stuff with rainy sleet on top yesterday. I took two really hard tumbles in my steeply sloped driveway while trying to clear it. (It's too steep for a snowblower). I got it done, but if I were twenty years older, I'm pretty sure they'd be replacing my hip now.

Lots of sand, or anythimg you've got for traction - the kind that keeps you upright, not the kind that keeps you immobilized while your bones heal.

that's the real reason florida is covered with sand. it's for traction. and to throw in needlefishie's eyes when they're trying to attack.

Meanie---We have about 8 inches here,then a little rain which froze into a hard crust.I finally realized that I had to break up the crust and throw the pieces aside so I could shovel the snow underneath.I'm 90%done now.

My roof rake broke this morning. Time to move south.


Sarcasm is truly the weapon of the weak. So yes, I was being sarcastic.

I finally broke down and bought a snow-blower this year. I'm getting too old for this shoveling stuff.

The 6 heart attacks in a 2 hour window during the last big dump (all men shoveling) may have had something to do with the decision.

Meanie - use a backhoe, ya big silly.

Nothing wrong with 6 inches, Meanie. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;-)

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