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January 23, 2009


Not us.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Dave, Do you feel fresh?

"...Venable had been cited several times previously for not riding with proof of payment."

Huh? Wonder what would happen to him if he had not been riding without proof of payment.

wow, do you smell great. you got a deodorant in your pocket, or are you just happy.......

"Police said Venable had been cited several times previously for not riding with proof of payment."

Whoa, that was a narrow escape! I happened to be near Buffalo yesterday and was also not riding with proof of payment. I am now a fugitive.

*checks number of arms*

I now realize that it's impossible to be charged with grand larceny by stealing from a dollar store.

If you're gonna steal, for heaven's sake steal something valuable.

... was charged with theft of services, criminal possession of a controlled substance, promoting prison contraband,...

That last bit about prison contraband leads me to suspect he may have had some of the deodorant stuffed up his @zz.

Roll-On -- Sweet Chariot

When deodorant is outlawed, only outlaws will have deodorant.

The whole thing smells funny to me.

Although, admittedly, a deodorant used as a suppository may have a prophylactic effect on mudstuffin's revenge ...

* hands Meanie a receipt *
Move along, people, there's nothing to see here.

Kychene O. Venable?

Kychene O. Venable?!!


Kychene O Venable ==>
Be on cheeky navel
He evenly nab Coke
La cheekbone envy
Baloney even, Heck!
Back Eleven, Honey

You're welcome, Jeff. >smooch<

After they checked what he had in his pants, he was charged with 'petit larceny'. Does deodorant cause shrinkage, or was he not happy to see them?

vladias, if the deodorants were also antiperspirants, they actually would have caused shrinkage. antiperspirants are astringents, aka:stuff that make tissues contract. so to all the guys out there: never, ever, put an astringent on somewhere that does NOT require it.

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