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January 30, 2009


This blog just laughs.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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You want fries with that?

The Food Network will be televising the Cockraoch Bowl from that stadium during the Super Bowl.

sort of off-topic:
Is the Puppy Bowl on again this year?

Guys. They are industrious and inventive when they have to be.

oops. obviously I meant "cockroach" up there.

It's important to lay down some paper towels, so that no food comes in contact with your disgusting table top. (Because if you're a person who makes this, you definitely have a disgusting table top.)

'nuff said.

Where do we put the defibrillator?

The name has been changed to The Supper Bowl.

does it come with a cardiologist?

Wlecome to Lipitor Field?

I guess we can't see "The Blimp" because it took the picture of this fine winter feast or it's a description of the person or persons eating this thing.

Scroll down, Cheese. It's in the last photo.

It's suspended by fishin' wire. They went all out.

Looks as if there might even be a few nuts in the grandstand ... that's realism!

And if you really want to live high on the hog, add a side of scones.

The dip's in the pressbox.

Use Hershey's Hugs for officials.

Wow. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.


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