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January 22, 2009


(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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I guess it would be redundant to say that clearly alcohol was involved? Yeah, I thought so.

Nice to see that there is still common sense in the world.

That must be a really good beer.

He didn't want his beer to get warm ! I completely understand.

Well do the math, which was greater - his bar tab or his deductible?

Martini: It took place in Canada, so the deductible is zero.

What's the big deal about a beer and a poke?


"He's got a minor poke to his chest, but he's not giving us any details," said Staff Sgt. Regan James. "You can imagine the level of his concern was not that high."

His blood alcohol content, on the other hand...

Then the choice was bleeding out in a bar or bleeding out for 12 hours in a waiting room. I'd still side with this guy.

You don't bleed out in Canada this time of year. It freezes into a scab.

Obviously a former hockey player.

As a point of solidarity, I am drinking a beer right now.

And he had a lawnmower lodged in his...

Well, he had a lawnmower. too.

Don't sweat the small stuff if the beer's good.


The Lawn Rangers got a 1-second shout-out from Jon Stewart last night. [at 3:43]


someone say beer?

Beer is my alternative therapy of choice too.

Alternative therapy? The only therapy!


Skeleton goes into a bar, orders a beer and a mop...

At least he wasn't stabbed in the bock.

*snork at Clankazoid's visual*


Just got back from seeing Dave at the Comedy Festival on South Beach. He did over an hour of stand-up. Who knew he so funny??? I think even HE was surprised.

Seriously (heh!)...he was great and had a PACKED theater audience laughing hysterically from the start.

Here are a couple of really crappy crap phone photos.

Dave 1

Dave 2

Ok..this is a slightly better one.

Dave 3

*slides a 'was' up there*

I can't tell, Siouxie -- is that a blue shirt? ;)

Yep, Cat. Blue shirt was worn.

Sounds like a fun night!

Sure was!!

Anywho...off to bed now though. Niters!

*makes note to attend Comedy Festival next year*

*hopes Dave is just practicing in front of a crowd for his inaugural speech in 2012*

I have never heard of an unco-operative. Who are Unco and what do their operatives do?

Sorry, non sequitured back to the article.

Did his eventual doctor's report mention "stabbing chest pain"?

Do the other Remainders know that Dave has apparently gone solo?

This could cause an uproar not seen since Donny left the Osmonds.

Lurker - Donny and Marie are now doing a show in Vegas! I wonder if the audience sings along to "I'm a little bit country...."?

Sorry, geezer flashback moment!

We keep telling you our Canadian beer is the best in the world....

Do you believe us now?

Maybe he is used to it. Maybe he is married.

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