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January 29, 2009


Massive Buffalo wing sauce spill shuts down Fairfield street

(Thanks to kvkennedy)


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"The street was closed several hours after the 1:30 p.m. spill as the state Haz-mat team was dispatched to the scene."

How hot are those Chicken Wings and do they deliver to the Chicago metro area?

NMUA - it appears the stuff won't freeze even under current severe conditions, if that tells you anything.

I'm wonderin' if it's the delivery truck driver or the "reporter" (I've been both, so I'd like to know which side of my brain should feel more pity/contempt for accidentalness/incompetence) has the problem with math ...

It says that "one barrel" tipped over, but later on says that "four barrels" were spilled/tipped/lost/whatever ...

BBQ-sauce domino theory?

If necessary, you would need to also take into account Nullable types as these would throw an exception if one of the values is null

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