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January 23, 2009


Now they're using vegetables.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie, catmanmax and Siouxie)


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We are concerned.

Yeah, and it's not like the Vegans will warn you about THIS part when they're recruitin' ya...

I always thought those potatos had shifty eyes.

Which is why I don't eat them.

wait a minute...is 'knobbling yourself' a bad thing?

...compromising vegetable-related injuries? I have no idea what they are talking about.

Gotta love the article linked to in this one

insom, as long as it doesn't involve a goat...it's ok.

What does knobbling mean? I don't remember that from nursing school. Also I never had any vegetable related injuries in the er. A few questionable 'accidents' with mini maglites but that's a different story.

What is it with all the flying bosoms around here lately? NTTAWWT...

(though judi is probably mortified...)

Well, Steve, I'm sure all the guys here are inflated elated.

I guess doctors are not being more specific to some people when they say "get more vegetables".

My father once went to the ER with a vegetable related injury. He was chopping an onion for soup and his finger got in the way.

Richard Gere is a vegetarian?...

Veggie Tails?

...and the soccer player's wife is extremely hot! Woo-hoo!

BAD Meanie! No doughnut! (but *SNORK* anyway) :D

This is exactly why you should eat vegetables. So they can never hurt anyone ever again.

"had sex with her in the middle of the pitch"

Gee, in the U.S. the pitchers tug their caps, spit, check all the bases (with or without runners) five or six times, shake off 10 or 12 signals from the catcher, adjust their uniforms, dust their hands, wipe the sweat from their brows on their sleeves, and stare menacingly at everyone on the field and in the dug-outs, but I don't recall that particular interruption.

One group knobbed themselves with a sex aid and 41 people had a close encounter with a goat.I can't find anything in the article to distinguish between the two groups.

judi, HELP!

Tried to post a link and got This blog does not allow HTML comments.

Since when?

Jeff, you've been banned ;-P

*sits in 'banned' corner*

Fascism reaches Typepoop. What with their new format and making us refresh 20 times to view previous posts, it's worse than ever.

Goats usually let themselves out afterward. Siouxie told me.

80% of accidents occur in and around the home, which just proves that if you want to live to a ripe old age, get out more.

"knobbled themselves?"

I think I just found a new favorite euphemism.

Wonder what would happen if you were feeding vegatables to your goat while knobbling yourself? Bet that would hurt.

"Knobbled Euphemism" WBAGNFA drink.

If you tell someone to go knobble him/herself, is that an anatomical impossibility?

Jeff!! You're right! Oh, man, that totally sucks. :(

But you can still post the text of a link, can't you?


Oh, weird. It even linked it for me!

If you tell someone to go knobble him/herself, is that an anatomical impossibility?
Posted by: pogo | January 23, 2009 at 02:31 PM

If they're British - yes. Siouxie told me.

...does NOT want to know what "knobbled" means.

Testing the HTML issue. Will this make it through as a link? http://icanhascheezburger.com/

That's right Annie. It's that stiff upper lip. Always gets in the way ;-P

Ah, Diva beat me to it. The new posting software autodetects and converts URLs into links, from the looks of it.



Horseradish root always appears rather menacing..

this is just a test - don't click on this link-


For Annie.


For Siouxie.

*Tosses out cheatsheets*

I'm testing a bunch™ of code.®

Well, I had bold, ital, strike, and the trademark and register symbols in that last post. None of it took. :( :(

*raises hand*

Meanie's been cheating!



*wonders if vegetables also hobnob*

This is why I don't eat salads. Mixing these things together is just asking for trouble.

Hmmph. Can't fool it by HTML-escaping the angle brackets. It's apparently not using phpBB code which would let us use square brackets. Judi, please tell the bit-wranglers that this is not progress...

Apparently, we need vegetable sex education training in schools!

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