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January 23, 2009


(Thanks to Danny)


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I can see a lot of guys wanting to visit Crotch Crescent.

Well, that may just be the map for Dave's upcoming tour of England.

Although Wanker's Elbow should be on the list. Oh wait, that's not a place, that's an ailment.

Next town over from where I live is named Cumming.

I wonder if any restaurants there serve Spotted Dick.

Did you see what town it was in?

Serve Spotted Dick? Heck, that's probably the mayor's name!

I can see a lot of guys wanting to visit Crotch Crescent.
Posted by: Siouxie

Yeah. I think you just hang a left from Butt Hole Road.

fivver - You in Norcross?

I hate that they changed the name of Maggie's Nipples, Wyoming.

I'll bet that figure skater with the wardrobe malfunction is from Titty Ho.

Pogo - I'm in Suwanee.

blimey. those whacky brits.

Grand Tetons.

No big whoop. There's a pub called the Titfield Thunderbolt between Bath and Wells. All we Yanks can offer is a Knob Lick (in Missouri) and a Bald Knob (in Arkansas).

I used to live near Molly's Nipple.

No, really: Molly's Nipple!

Molly doen't look too cold (iykwim)

She doen't?? oy.

OneBig - There's a French Lick in Indiana...

Crapstone, a rock with scent?
Take a sniff at Crotch Crescent.
Bring a friend to sweet East Breast
Help us to find the West (one)
Ah, but... watch your step in Penistone
They don't like you making fun
It's a town whose name ain't that name
Like Butt Hole Road.

Third boxcar, midnight train
Destination... Spanker Lane.
Cold as a witch's you-know
Way up at Titty Ho,
Gets kinda Ugley I have found
Short, but Wetwang's big around
Take the roundabout at Prat's Bottom
For Butt Hole Road.

fiv, you beat me to it. I was gonna mention that. :)

Also, I have to love the dateline on the article; I mean, Crapstone?!

BWAHAHAHAHA, Blue!! Brilliant!

It used to be worse. In medieval times, London had streets called Shiteburgh Lane (it had a privy). It is called Sherborne Lane today. And there was a Gropecunt Lane, near Guildhall, where prostitutes lived. God forgive me for knowing this.

Please allow me to remind everyone that I live not-too-far from the towns of Blue Ball, Bird In Hand and Intercourse.

Wow, wiredog. Whoever wrote and/or edited that page *really* wanted people to know the name of the place. "Molly's Nipple" shows up 10 times on that short page.

And, my favourite restaurant review of all time appeared in a South London newspaper a few years back. It read, in full:
"Geographically, this restaurant is midway between Elmers End and Pratts Bottom. Gastronomically, it occupies much the same position."

I was born on Hooker Ave in Poughkeepsie, NY. Yeah, I know. "Poughkeepsie" is pretty funny.

*Wonders if Annie and I need to have our DNA compared*

I drove through Toad Suck, Arkansas once, and even bought a t-shirt.

Grew up near Brest Bay.

Come up to Canada and visit Dildo, Newfoundland.

Meanie - let's not and say we did, ok? :)

Being born in Poughkeepsie is bad enough.

They are banning the use of Corfe Street because of the unfortunate address 4 Corfe Street. But what about 4 Kew Gardens. And there had better never be a Meupthapatootie Boulevard.

I think there's a 4 KinBot Boulevard.

What about Shuttlecock Crescent in Badminton?

I hope that Wetwang is not too close to Titty Ho.

I wonder if there was any snickering in the WWII Luftwaffe pilot briefings when they opened up their mission orders and saw their target of the day was " Wetwang " ?

Olo - I live near Toad Suck.

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