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January 29, 2009


Council workers  find a Ford Escort buried in pensioner's overgrown garden

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Jimmy Hoffa was in the trunk.

Was the left-turn signal still on?

Is that one of those 'green' cars?

I once found our car under a snowdrift. Walked right into it.

But the escort insisted she was his cousin...-

It's a Jeff Foxworthy joke come to life!

It's not an Escort. It's a Ford Chia.

Up here we use snow to cover all of our unsightlies.

In Chicago, they target rats.

I once met a Government forester in Alabama who left a bulldozer too close to a kudzu infestation and couldn't find it a few days later.

Bye, bye, Blago.

Where, exactly, is the driver?

Soooooooo..they were finally able to get off her lawn.

(anyone seen Mr. Dodds?

Be glad he doesn't have my Home Owners Fascist Association.

"If you mow your yard, and find a car, you may be a redneck" - Jeff Foxworthy

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