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January 27, 2009


Tourists irk fishermen by licking their tuna

(Thanks to DavCat)


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My wife always seems to like it when I...oh forget it. Too easy.

Just make sure you don't end up like the kid on the flagpole in "Christmas Story."

They have no right to complain about anything while they continue to rape the world's oceans.

Sushi Snoggers W(n)BAGNFARB.

Guess there weren't any raccoons handy.

Scott........ Funny how that's the first thing through our minds. Go figure. (However, I meant my wife, not your's)

Licking their tuna = euphemism??

*makes mental note to read previous posts by equally dirty minded blog people*

Are they carping about this again?

No,I meant Scott's wife.

I dunno, guys. My wife's pretty open-minded and all but...I don't think the concept of group tuna licking is gonna go over too well with her.

I think I saw Licking Their Tuna opening for Mott The Hoople and Bowie back in the day.

Wiredog, wasn't that Hootie and The Blowfish?

I think drunken male tourists looking for a good time should choose more discretely who they get their directions from.

Maybe. Or possibly the Dead Kennedys.

Meanie, the dodgy guide probably said "Hey, you wanna lick the fishy" and the tourists misunderstood him.

The sign says "fresh fish"! Not "get fresh with the fish!".

"Oh, well, if you insist..."

Maybe this is the Asian version of kissing the Blarney Stone?

Tourist: "Er, a local tradition, you say? Well, of course, then. I wouldn't want to give offense ... "

Tour guide (quietly): "SNORK!"

If you knew Sushi like *I* knew Sushi....

When in Japan they don't like it when you're brazen; they prefer koi.

Diva, I prefer OUR Siouxshi...and not even I have the yarbles to insert a "licking the tuna" joke here...

The Yarbles were never the same after Clapton left.

Someone called?

Oh yeah...

*SMACKS* Allen's yarbles!

These jokes are beginning to flounder.

That's cuz we're just a bass-ackwards bunch, Punkin.

*wonders why Ted Hazta-Grabher and his mullet aren't around*

despite some grumbling from the fishmongers
despite some mongering from the fishgrumblers

*inserts line*
I wonder what lures tourists to a fish market?

They go just for the halibut.

We don't give a carp.

At least they didn't jump the shark.

What is it with drunk brits? It seems like every couple months we get one of these porpoise-less crimes from a bunch of tanked british guys.

Owww...I had a haddock until Siouxshi distracted me.

Sorry, Charlie!

They toadally suck up their pints, then ruin it for everyone else. They have no sole. They beta get a life.

Yes, they make a frightful roe. Oh mahi cod they do. You'd think the fishermen would have smelt them coming and would have been urchin them to goby somewhere else. Must have snook up on them. Let us not forget that they were anemone of ours in the War of 1812.

Yes, Danny, but remember.

I Nemo time to respond to that.

Then I'll wait with baited breath.

MMmmmmm -- tastes like Chicken . . . of-the-Sea."

Now, what's all this about jumping a Shark?

I reel-ly hate herring about a punfest after all the good ones are taken. I shad've smelt it coming, but I was sword of obliged to get back to work.

I just tuna them off, Meanie.

Trying to mako buck? I hope you're not just a prawn in their game.

*fished around for an aquatic pun, barracudan't find one*

HEY! Who orca-strated this pun fest? (sorry, I know I've used that pun twice this month already, but when you've got a good one, you stick with it)

roe, roe, roe your boat, gently down the streeeam...♫

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